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A civil engineer is best suited to
Investigate the mechanics of bridges and roads
Which of the following is the earliest example of
Archimedes screw
Which of the following is an example of an inexhaustible
energy source?
A video game company would like to test a new game
controller design. Which of the following would be the best
way for them to start testing the comfort and effectiveness
of the controller?
The branch of engineering that combines physical science,
life science, mathematics, and economics to processes that
convert raw materials into more valuable forms is called
__ engineering.
The main components of the engineering design process
include identifying, defining, selecting, implementing, and
Using Ohm's Law, how much current is going through the
following circuit?
3.1 Amps
Which step of problem-solving helps to determine if a certain
product is of value?
Tom wants to research how materials and parts move
through his plant in order to see where and how the
company may be able to increase productivity. This is the
study of
Production flow
What is the cubic area of an object that is 5 feet long, 2.5
feet wide, and 3.5 feet tall?
43.75 ft3
In the engineering design process, stating the problem is the
__ step.
The proper second step to refine a potential product is
What does the symbol below stand for?
Using the information given, determine the break-even
Fixed costs= $35,000
Variable cost per unit = $1,500
Unit price= $2,000
70 units
The core concepts of technology are
Skillful research, ethical behavior, and critical thinking
Which of the following formulas is used to determine the
area of a circle?
In order to reduce friction between a workpiece and a
cutting site, __ is used.
Cutting fluid
A steel container weighing 90 pounds has a coefficient of
friction equaling 0.61. How much force is required to move
this box on a dry and clean surface?
54.9 pounds
The ability of a material to be stretched into a longer, thinner
shape is called
Which of the following materials would be most appropriate
for the housing of a corrosion-resistant valve on a scuba
diving tank?
Twin brothers on opposite sides of the yard throw identical
snowballs at each other. The snowballs were both traveling
upward at a 45-degree angle and both were traveling at 25
mph. At what angle, relative to the flat ground of the yard, is
the new combined snowball traveling immediately after the
90 degrees
Which of the following drawing methods would generate a
three-view drawing?
The planning step of the design process involves
Listing needed materials
When working with tools and machines, __ is/are always
Personal protective equipment
When using a drill press to drill a hole near one end of a
Securely clamp the workpiece in a vise
Juan and Evelyn are on a teeter-totter. The teeter-totter is
15 feet long. Juan weighs 150 pounds, and Evelyn weighs
100 pounds. How far away from Juan should the fulcrum be
placed to balance the teeter-totter?
6 Feet
A critical component of a drill press is the
Drive belt
Critical thinking skills would best be applied to which of the
Forming an opinion on artificial intelligence
Which of the following is a characteristic of effective
Open discussion
Strong technical communication skills would be most helpful for which of the following tasks?
Writing a repair manual for a commercial printing press
Many factors are taken into account when choosing
members of an engineering team. Which of the following is
most important when assembling an engineering team to
design a new piece of playground equipment?
During a monthly meeting with all four members of the
engineering department at a garden tool manufacturer, the
company owner asked the senior engineer about the
progress of an ongoing project called the "Super Shovel" .
The senior engineer shuffled his feet, looked toward the
floor and said "The shovel project is okay." Another engineer working on the project started sweating and the two other members of the team briefly looked at each other and then back to the notes in front of them. What can be concluded
from this?
The project is likely not meeting expectations.