11 terms

Social Studies: Civil War

Rifled Musket
The standard infantry weapon used in the war. Usually .58 or .557 caliber, the 'rifle' fired a minie ball through a spiral grooved barrel, spinning the bullet for more velocity and accuracy
Salt Pork
The most common meal ration during the war, along with hardtack and coffee; the pork was salted to preserve it
To withdraw from the Union, as 11 southern states did in 1860-1861. During the war, Southerners were frequently called "secesh" by Northerners
The art of military command as to an overall plan of war. How and where to deploy troops are components of strategic planning
Dry goods salesman who traveled with Northern armies; considered necessary for the provision of extra items for soldiers, sutlers often cheated and overcharged military customers
The art of maneuvering (moving) troops on a battlefield
Civil War term for an underwater mine (bomb) that exploded; used on rivers to defend against enemy ships
Turning Movement
A military tactic of sending troops around the enemy's flank to attack his line of communications in the rear of the battle line
Union (United States)
The collection of 23 Northern states which fought the rebellious Confederacy during the civil war
Yank (Blue, Federals, Billy Yank)
Term for soldiers who fought for the Union
Soldiers in colorful uniforms patterned after French infantry soldiers; specialized in precision drilling