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15 terms

Psychology Chapter 9

A person with this type of mental retardation usually can hold down a job and live independently.
a savant person is a person who has this yet who also exhibits an extraordinary skill.
mental retardation
charles Spearman labeled a person's general intelligence this factor.
Is the ability to invent new solutions to problems.
psychologist Robert Sterberg described this or three-level, model of intelligence.
A person's _________abilities include visual and spatial ability, perceptual speed, numerical ability, verbal meaning, memory, and word fluency.
primary mental
A test has this if it measures what it is supposed to measure.
Both have some influence over a person's level of intelligence.
heredity and environment
Intelligence tests must meet the criteria of
reliability and validity
people are more likely to be more creative than people of average intelligence
People with IQs of this or above are considered gifted.
The Stanford-Binet test yields a score that measures a person's
intelligence quotient
Daniel Goleman argues that this intelligence is just as important as mental abilities
Kinesthetic intelligence is one of the kinds of intelligence identified by psychologist
Howard Gardner
A test's ________ is based on whether it gives highly similar scores every time it is used.