Renaissance Vocab

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Good Morrow
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A pox on theecurse youwhereforeWhy?Anonuntil laterAye/yeayesFiecurse wordThyyourThouyou (subject): "As in THOU must cease prating."Cutpursethiefforswearlie, cheatcatechizeteachDothdoeswell metnice to see youBy God's teethI mean it!pray/pardon/I cry your mercyexcuse meyour highness/ your graceA greeting to the queenmy lord/my ladya greeting to a noblesir, mistressa greeting to someone dressed well, but not nobleGoodman, GoodwifeA greeting of your same social statusbrother, sisterpuritans greeting each othergood puritan or good pilgrima greeting between faithful peopleyour gracea greeting to bishopssir priesta greeting to a priestyour honoura greeting to officers like judges, constables, knights