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AP Style Quiz

What numbers do you spell out?
Numbers under ten
Do you capitalize PRINCIPAL?
No. Lakeview High School principal Elizabeth Auer
Do you ever capitalize freshman, sophomore, junior or senior?
NO. Unless it is the first word of a sentence. The other two post players returning for the Hokies are rising redshirt-junior Cadarian Raines and rising sophomore Joey van Zegeren. "I'm getting stronger, ...
How do you abbreviate Boulevard?
Proper use of First...
Proper use of Tenth...
Proper use of Drive in an address...
Proper AP use of Road in an address
Proper use of 21 year old student
21-year-old student
Proper use of thirties
Proper AP style for books
Proper AP style for songs
"Paparazzi" or italics
Proper AP style for 3/30/1978
March 30, 1978
Proper AP style for the1990s
Proper AP style for height
Proper AP style for names
Always use full names
Which of the following do you not use...
Mr. or Mrs.
Proper use for millions...
$1 million
Proper use for money...
Proper use for money...
Proper use for money
6 cents
How many spaces are after a period?
Should commas go inside quotation marks?
Yes - ex. "I did nothing wrong," he said.
When should you spell out the name of a state?
When it stands alone.
When can you use abbreviations for states?
When it is next to a city. There are exceptions that include Iowa.
Proper use of time...
1 p.m. or 3:30 a.m. or noon, but don't ever use :00
Should you capitalize occupations or grade level?
No. defense attorney Arnold Becker
second baseman Bobby Richardson
futurist Rad Bradbury - sophomore John Law
principal Bacon
What is the purpose of AP style?
Consistency, Clarity, Accuracy, Brevity
Should you capitalize titles?
Yes. President Obama
Should you spell out numbers under ten for ages?
When should you use numbers for ages?
What is the correct way to write a person's height?
When should you use a person's first and last name?
The first time he or she is mentioned
What is the abbreviation for Iowa?
How do you write three thirty correctly?
3:30 a.m.
How do you write 3 p.m. correctly?
3 p.m.
How do you correctly use website or web site?
How do you correctly use email?
If you have a question what book that is laying around the news lab should you use to find answers to AP style questions?
Associated Press Stylebook 2012
For addresses what should you abbreviate for street names?
Ave. Blvd. and St.
For addresses what street names should you spell out?
Alley Drive and Road
What is the best way to attribute a person in a quote?
"Life is a box of chocolates," Forest Gump said. "Filled with all different kinds of sweets."