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Largest country created at the end of the Cold War

Berlin Wall

Dividing line between free and communist in Berlin.

nuclear warfare

The largest threat during the Cold War

Warsaw Pact

An alliance between USSR and Eastern Bloc countries.

Iron Curtain

The dividing line between Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc countries in Europe

Economic Systems

USA and USSR disagreed on the best type of economics systems. USA believes in a more free market while the former USSR was a command economy.

Why Did Gorbachev reduce government control of the economy?

They were running out of money due to unstable economic system . Why?
1. Fighting revolts in Soviet Union.
2. Protecting its borders
3. Competing with USA in arms race


Strong influence over other nations


North Atlantic Treaty Organization; nations included USA, Canada, and countries in Western Europe.

Soviet Union

Leader of the Eastern Bloc

Cold War

After World War II, people feared a war could happen between free and communist run countries.


Breaking down of the Berlin Wall signaled the end of the Cold War.


A leader of Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Germany reunited

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, was reunited and was no longer 2 separate countries.


An agreement between nations to protect in the event of an attack.


Strong central goverment and a command economic system.


Refused to reunite Germany when Western Bloc countries agreed to. Result was East Germany And West Germany.

Four Sections

After WWII, Germany was divided into four sections to prevent Germany from regaining power. Great Britain, USA, France & USSR each controlled a section.

USA Strengths

In Cold War, USA had seat on UN Security Council, strong ties within Latin American & Western Europe, powerful military, bases around the world, largest navy, CIA, nuclear weapons.

strengths of USSR

In Cold War, USSR had seat on UN council, influence with communist countries and dictators, military and space technology, KGB, and stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

families divided

When the Berlin Wall was built, people lost their jobs and were separated from their families.

Western Bloc

Countries influenced by the USA in Western Europe, during the Cold War.

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