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Your instructor announces a "pop" test. You have not read the chapter yet. Your heart and breathing rate increases, and your mouth becomes dry. Which nervous system was responsible for this reaction?

Your instructor announces a "pop" test. You have not read the chapter yet. Your heart and breathing rate increases, and your mouth becomes dry. Which nervous system was responsible for this reaction?

Your instructor announces a "pop" test. You have not read the chapter yet. Your heart and breathing rate increases, and your mouth becomes dry. Which nervous system was responsible for this reaction?

Your instructor announces a "pop" test. You have not read the chapter yet. Your heart and breathing rate increases, and your mouth becomes dry. Which nervous system was responsible for this reaction?

produces language.

One's dominant hemisphere is considered the side of a person's brain that

The molecular gates open to allow sodium ions into a neuron.

During an action potential, which of the following occurs?

a strong reliance on the conventional wisdom of experts with a healthy dose of commonsense

Critical thinking does NOT include which of the following?


Which of the following parts of the brain can be viewed as a link between the forebrain and the brainstem?

clinical or counseling

Psychologists who specialize in the treatment of human emotional problems are called ________ psychologists

depth perception

Which of the following would most likely be tested using a visual cliff?


Why" questions refer to which of psychology's goals?


Which broad perspective in modern psychology seeks to explain behavior in terms of brain processes, evolution, and genetics?

mutual-help approaches, like Alcoholics Anonymous.

The approach that has proved to be the most successful at helping alcoholics to stay sober is

Organ of Corti

The center part of the cochlea that contains the hair cells is called the

improved night vision.

At low levels of illumination, looking next to an object rather than directly at it would cause


Communication between neurons would be considered a chemical change involving


A negative correlation means that as one variable increases, the other variable

it allows predicition

One of the advantages of the correlational method is that

perceptual sets, past experiences, motives, like hunger,

A hungry person drives into an unfamiliar town and happily sees a building with two arches above it, but when he gets there it's a dry cleaners, not a fast food place. This mistake illustrates the impact of


Some brain areas receive visual information, others receive auditory information, and still others receive taste or touch. Knowing which brain areas are active tells us, in general, what kinds of sensations you are feeling. This illustrates

who acts normally in most situations

The most likely consequence of a split-brain operation is a patient


The neurotransmitters that regulate the activity of other neurons and affect memory, pain, emotion, pleasure, mood, hunger, sexual behavior, and other basic processes are called


A long-distance truck driver who abuses a drug in order to stay awake for long hours would probably be an abuser of

action potentials occur completely or not at all

The "all or nothing event" refers to the fact that

autonomic system

The involuntary physical changes that occur in the body, such as increases and decreases in heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration, and glandular secretions are controlled by the

move to the shallow side

When six- to 14-month old infants are placed in the middle of a visual cliff, they usually


Which gland is located just under the back of the rib cage, atop the kidney?


A person with damage to the association areas in the left hemisphere would most likely suffer

Acupuncture has been shown to be 40 to 80 percent effective in curing diseases.

Regarding the experience of pain, which of the following statements is FALSE?

in waking consciousness

When a person is in a state of clear, organized alertness and perceives times, places, and events as real, meaningful, and familiar, she or he is said to be


Which of the following consists of all the sensations, perceptions, memories, and feelings you are aware of at any instant?


If your eyeball is too short, you are said to be

limbic system

Which brain area was the earliest layer of the forebrain to develop during evolution and helps organize basic survival responses in lower animals, such as feeding, fleeing, fighting, and reproduction?

postive emotions

According to psychologist Barbara Frederickson, the scope of one's attention is actually broadened by

SIDS rarely occurs after two months of age

Regarding SIDS, which of the following statements is FALSE?


After even a few hours of sleep loss, most people experience excessive daytime sleepiness known as


If you have a total loss of your olfactory sense, you have a condition called

Due to the grueling nature of contact sports, protective gear has not been shown to significantly prevent head injuries in football and other sports.

Regarding protection of the central nervous system (CNS), which of the following statements is FALSE?


You are driving in the dark when suddenly a bright light from an ongoing car temporarily blinds you. To restore light sensitivity and allow you to see to drive, the visual pigments in your rods must


You are sitting in the pit area at the Indianapolis 500. You closely watch one of the cars whiz around on the track in front of the seething mass of humanity crammed into the stands. You have organized this visual scene such that the people in the stands form the

free nerve endings

The only skin receptor that can produce all five sensations are the


Establishing a regular sleep schedule, eliminating caffeine, and treating depression (if present) is designed to combat __________ insomnia.


Simon has a bipolar disorder and requires medication to control his extreme mood swings. Simon's medication will need to be prescribed by which mental health professional?

will have limitations

A researcher has surveyed several thousand introductory psychology students across the country regarding their views of dating. Because all of his participants were introductory psychology students, this researcher's findings

hypothalamus and pituitary gland

A critical link between the chemical and neural information systems in humans is the link between the

salt,sour,sweet, bitter

The order of sensitivity to the four basic taste sensations from LEAST to MOST sensitive is

mindfulness meditation

According to research, which of the following has been shown to reduce insomnia, excessive anxiety, aggression, and the illegal use of psychoactive drugs?

damaged the hair cells in the inner ear.

Jason is an avid hunter. Although his parents caution him to wear ear protection, he has developed the "Hunter's notch," which means that he has

sight cells

The visual system is able to analyze incoming sensory information into lines, angles, shading, and movement because it has a set of

an increase in tolerance levels and withdrawal symptoms when discontinued

Evidence that nicotine is addicting includes

can learn complex task

Regarding sleep, which of the following statements is FALSE?

a psychological dependence

If drugs are considered necessary to maintain emotional well-being, then ________ exists.

the relaxation response.

An innate physiological pattern that opposes your body's fight-or-flight mechanism is known as


All the different methods used in which procedure involve having people to focus attention on what is being said, to relax and feel tired, to "let go" and accept suggestions, and to use their imagination?


Sounds above what decibel level mark the threshold of pain and pose an immediate danger to the auditory system?

The baby is placed on its back to sleep.

Which of the following is NOT a danger signal for SIDS?


Learning makes us more adaptable, so the functionalists tried to find ways to improve education and promoted the study of learning, teaching, classroom dynamics, and related topics called __________ psychology.


The Latin word for "left" means

most likely has an alcohol problem and needs professional help

Ramon is asked by his family doctor is he has in the last year ever drank more than he meant to and if he has felt that he needed to cut down on his drinking. If Ramon answers "yes" to both of these questions, his doctor should tell him that he


How many people out of ten can actually be hypnotized?

monocular depth clues

Which of the following can be used to construct a three-dimensional perception with information received from just one eye?

stays the same

When a person is shut off from the world, such that he or she cannot even tell what time it is by light or dark for a few weeks, this person's sleep-waking cycle

a run of luck.

A statistically unusual outcome that could occur by chance, such as getting five heads in a row when flipping a coin, is referred to as

behavior therapy.

The use of learning principles to change problems, such as overeating, unrealistic fears, or temper tantrums, is called

small irregular waves

Which waves are characteristic of Stage 1 or light sleep?

explain actions in terms of social contex

Regarding how they perceive the world, East Asians tend to

delta waves

During Stage 3 NREM,

immersion in past experiences

Abraham Maslow believed that people who are unusually accurate in their perceptions have which of the following qualities?


Zelda is experiencing more and more blind spots in her vision as her inoperable brain tumor increases. The brain tumor would be in her __________ lobe.


You are sitting in a very uncomfortable desk that is overly small and has a slight crack in the plastic that pinches your back when you move. This sensation on your body from the uncomfortable chair is being processed in your __________ lobes.

as they process information

Regarding sensory analysis, which of the following statements is FALSE?

sensory conflict

The segments of weightlessness for films about astronauts are filmed in the special airplane unofficially nicknamed the "Vomit Comet." The nickname for this plane describes what usually happens when this plane goes into its maneuvers to create weightlessness. The problems created by weightlessness are best explained by the __________ theory.


Most of the focusing is done at the front of the eye by a clear membrane that bends light inward. This membrane is called the

given birth at five

Children who have premature puberty resulting in full sexual development have

1 percent

Regarding the incidence of red-green color weakness, what percent of Caucasian females have this weakness?


Christina enviously watches her tennis rival practice. She admires Sarina's control of the racket and finely coordinated movement. Having just covered the section on the brain in her psychology class, Christina states that Sarina must have a highly developed

lasting harm on subjects and deception

Milgram's study of obedience to authority, where subjects thought they were shocking another subject, raised questions about which two ethical concerns?

a perceptual expectancy.

A perceptual hypothesis that we are likely to apply to a stimulus, even if applying it is inappropriate is called


Which endocrine gland arouses the body, regulates salt balance, adjusts the body to stress, and affects sexual functioning?

REM sleep

A momentary shift in brain wave activity to the pattern normally recorded during sleep is called


Humans are superior to all other animals in

unknowingly hints to subjects what is expected of them.

An example of the "researcher bias" would be a situation in which the experimenter


If you are exposed to the noise of a jack hammer in your work, you are particularly susceptible to a __________ hearing loss


An extremely thin glass tube filled with a salty fluid with its tip being small enough to detect the electrical activity of a single neuron would be referred to as a

sigmund freud

The psychodynamic theory of dreaming was developed by


When a psychologist draws and utilizes aspects from many different psychological theories and approaches, we say that the psychologist is


The areas of the cerebral cortex that directly control the body or receive information from the senses are called __________ motor or sensory areas

superhuman strength

Which of the following CANNOT be obtained through hypnosis?

focus attention and interrupt the typical flow of thoughts

The main purpose of meditative exercises is to

fewer postive results

Improved research techniques in parapsychology have resulted in


As people become middle-aged, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible and less able to accommodate, resulting in a farsightedness due to aging known as


Insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, chills, racing heart, and elevated body temperature are all signs of

severe intellectual disability

Hypothyroidism in infancy leads to

physical exertion

Which of the following is likely to increase NREM sleep?

When a person shows evidence of psi ability through premonitions, this person will be able to maintain this ability over a sustained period of time.

During the middle of the night, a woman away for a weekend visit suddenly has a strong impulse to return home. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding how people interpret "hunches"?


A PET scan detects __________ emitted by brain cells.

conductive losses can sometimes be overcome by use of hearing aids

Regarding conductive hearing losses, which of the following statements is FALSE?


Miguel has been abusing a particular drug and is not experiencing the typical withdrawal symptoms. He did experience a jarring "crash" of his mood and energy. Then, within a few days, Miguel entered a long period of fatigue, anxiety, paranoia, boredom, and anhedonia. Before long, the urge to use this drug became intense. Miguel is most likely abusing

After Randy Gardner went 264 hours without sleep, he needed three days of sleep to get over this 11-day sleep loss

Regarding people who have experienced extreme sleep deprivation, which of the following statements is FALSE?


The control group and the experimental group are treated exactly the same EXCEPT for the __________ variable


Joaquin is a psychologist studying how exposure to different kinds of play (e.g., with dolls versus blocks) affects the development of boys versus girls. Joaquin is most likely a(n) __________ psychologist.

a mental perspective used for evaluating events.

Frame of reference is


Regarding ESP research and its findings, which of the following statements is FALSE?

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