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  1. Example of Foil
  2. Reversal
  3. Example of Catharsis
  4. Example of Denouement
  5. Example of Tragedy
  1. a Friar and Nurse
  2. b Capulets and Montagues making up (statue, bury in capulets cemetery)
  3. c the point at which the action of the plot turns into an unexpected direction for the protagonist
  4. d The prince's declaration that all are punished
  5. e Romeo and Juliet

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  1. The reversal, many deaths, tragic hero with flaws
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. Romeo looking at Juliet before he kills himself
  4. Mercutio and Tybalt die
  5. Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time

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  1. Juliet's potion soliloquySuffocate, go crazy, trust the friar, poison, ghosts kill her


  2. Tragic Flawa privileged, exalted character of high repute, who, by virtue of a tragic flaw and fate, suffers a fall from glory into suffering


  3. Denouementa metrical unit composed of stressed and unstressed syllables. For example: an iamb or iambic foot is represented by, that is, an unaccented syllable followed by an accented one. (iambic pentameter=5 sections of 2 syllables, =10 syllables per line, and unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed)


  4. Dramatic Monologuea long, uninterrupted speech that is spoken in the presence of other characters


  5. Catastrophethe purging of the feelings of pity and fear that, according to Aristotle, occur in the audience of tragic drama. The audience experiences ____ at the end of the play following the catastrophe