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Absentee landlords

owners of land or property who do not live nearby and use agents to collect rent payment from tenant farmers. much of prince edward edward island was under the control of absentee landlords befor confederatio


take land as ones own especially without permission such as movement to take over the colony of british columbia by the united states

cabinet minister

an elected member of a political party appointed to the cabinet, which determines government policy


who or what one is and how one is distinct from another such as the canadian identity


places where goods can be sold

National policy

the policy proposed by sir john A. macdonald in 1878 to spur development in canada. the policy had three parts; tariff protection for canadian industries, the settlement of the west and the competion of the railway to the west

nova scotia party

a political party led by joseph howe to oppose confederation outport settlements- scattered communities nestled around harbors along the rocky shores of newfoundland


the submitting of any matter to a direct vote


a person whose work is measuring or surveying land


a person in the car of a guardian or the government


a pardon for crimes


tenant farmers in scotland


joining or combining of companies


people who buy goods from producers for resale

provisional government

temporary government


formal decision ussually agreed upon by a group


settlers who did not hold title to the land they used for their home and fields

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