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Vocabulary from Ecce Romani chapter 5 with macrons

diēs (diēī -m/f)

day (of the day)

calidus (-a, -um)

hot (warm)

in silvam

into the forest

rīvus (rīvī -m.)

the stream (of the stream)

frigidus (-a, -um)

cold (cool)

errō (errāre, errāvī, errātūrus)

I wander (to wander, I wandered, about to wander)

prope (+ accusative)

near (next to)

volō (velle, voluī(

I want (to want, I wanted)


he wants (she/it wants)

īgnāvus (-a, -um)

cowardly (lazy)

respondeō (respondēre, respondī, responsūrus)

I reply (to reply, I replied, about to reply)


neither nor

temerārius (-a, -um)

rash (wreckless)

lupus (lupī -m.)

wolf (of the wolf)

perterritus (-a, -um)

scared (terrified)



Ferte auxilium!

Bring help!

ferō (ferre, tulī, lātus)

I bring (to bring, I brought, having been brought)

auxilium (auxiliī -n.)

help (of the help)

clāmor (clāmōris -m.)

shout (of the shout)

ad puellās

toward the girls


them (m.)

petō (petere, petīvī, petītus)

I seek (to seek, I sought, having been sought)

arripiō (arripere, arripuī, arreptus)

I grab (to grab...)

repellō (repellere, repepulī, repulsus)

I drive off (to drive off...)

ē silvā

out of the forest

silva (silvae -f.)

forest (of the forest)

salvus (-a, -um)


adveniō (advenīre, advēnī, adventūrus)

I arrive (to arrive, I arrived, about to arrive)

excipiō (excipere, excēpī, exceptus)

I welcome (to welcome...)



timeō (timēre, timuī)

I fear (to fear, I feared)


Whom? (singular accusative)

nōlō (nōlle, nōluī)

I don't want (to not want, I didn't want)

parō (parāre, -āvī, ātus)

I prepare (to prepare...)


he is able (she/it is able, can)

exeō (exīre, exīvī, exitūrus)

I go out (to go out, I went out, about to go out)

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