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Boom and Bust Test

What was communism?Who is Lenin and his beliefs?

Communism was a socialist movement to create a classless society. Lenin was a communist leader of Russia in 1922 and believed rich abused the poor which led to the Soviet Union.

Who were the new enemies after WW1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary,Ottoman Empire

Who were palmer's raids against?

Socialists and Communists

How was unemployment affected by the end of WW1?

It increased because factories and companies were closed

Which group of immigrants were labor leaders and nativists against?

Immigrant workers

Purpose of the National Origins Act of 1924?

Was to restrict immigration by establishing a system of quotas

Why were Sacco and Vanzetti on trial?

Found guilty of armed robbery and murder most likely accused because they were Italian immigrants.

How did Henry Ford make the automobile affordable?

He used an assembly line of people to reduce the cost of labor and manufacturing.

The demand of cars also created a demand for what?


What created the development of suburbs?


What state became the destination for auto tourists?


What was installment buying?Why did it increase?

Basically layaway and it increased because people liked the idea of spending over time.

Who came up with the word normalcy?

Warren Harding

What did President Harding do?

He revised taxes, made higher tariffs, aided farmers and reduced the national debt.

What was the teapot dome scandal?

Pres. Harding's admin was accused of selling oil from a U.S oil reserve in Wyoming.

After Harding left office what was discovered about his presidency?

He had black ancestors

Which amendment gave women the right to vote?


Who came up with the word flapper?

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why did many women dislike flappers?

Because they were jealous?

Which kind of girls were the most likely to become flappers?

Younger girls

What is the theory of evolution?

All living things come from a common ancestor.

What became very popular because of the Scopes trial?

Tennessee because of media.

The scopes trials became a representation of what?


Many people wanted to ban alcohol during WW1 because they thought it would improve the behavior of what?


Prohibition caused the creation and rise of what?

Organized crime

What was a speakeasy?

An establishment used for drinking and selling illegal alcohol.

What was the Great Migration?

African American settlers movement from the South to the North.

What was the significance of the Crisis magazine?

Religious Views

Goal of the NAACP?

Civil Rights organization

What was Marcus Garvey's key slogan?

Back to Africa

Where was the unofficial capital of American culture?


What was a common theme in the work of Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and others?

Social and Political Views

Jazz was a blend of what?

Blues and Ragtime

What two different cultures did the radio put together?

African Americans and whites

In the 1920's what two groups were idealized by Americans?

African Americans and East Europe

Who was the first woman to fly across the atlantic?

Amelia Earhart

What was an early sign that the American economy was weak?

People buying on margin.

On Oct. 24, 1929 how did investors respond to concerns about the economy?

Sold their stocks

Problem with buying on margin?

You are responsible for paying back the money you borrow

Why did the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act backfire?

It brought tariff acts from foreigners and the U.S trade had a decline

What caused the banks to fail?

They loaned more money than they had coming in.

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