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These are words often found inside NJASK reading questions. Will you know what these words mean and what the question is asking you?


adds to; helps show. Which detail contributes to the main idea that...


Helps or gives information to show. Support your opinion with evidence.


speaks about or talks to. EX: the author ADDRESSES (speaks to) a certain group of people


shows. EX: which sentence best DEMONSTRATES (shows) the author's viewpoint?


puts a lot of importance on. EX: the author EMPHASIZES (repeats) this sentence to show the importance of...


succeeds in sending the reader a certain message or sharing an idea. EX: the title that best CAPTURES (shares) the main idea of the article is...


show us. EX: the author wants to CONVEY (show us) how to...


figure something out by using what the text told you and what you already knew. EX: Which of these sentences from the text can help you INFER (figure out) that the author believes...?


shows the reader; as in, "What does this action REVEAL (show us) about him?"


shows us. Which detail illustrates the fact that the main character...


shows us. Her actions in the story reflect which character trait?


build or create. How does the author use details to develop the setting?

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