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A Dolls House

Henrick Epson, Reallistic Realism


Oscar Wilde, Satrical Realism


Eugene Oneil, Expressionism

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Tennessee Williams, psychological realism

Buried Children

Sam Shephard, alternative to realism


most removed from production process, ultimate goal is a full production of the play


are not written but rewritten


financial and managerial decisions


represents the playwrights interests


literary management, finding, developing and shaping new scrips, helps answer questions, more of an adviser than a decision maker


life of the author + 70 years

production concept

a short statement that conveys the directors vision for the production


truth is to be found in the infinite variety of creation


truth is to be found the norms


music drama

3 types of characters

good, evil, functional


highest form of mortality is truth

Rob Murrell

a small boy with girl like figures. He is known for his Edward Cullen eyes, he especially enjoys pedicures and meatloaf

Rob Murrell

a lewd or immoral woman, born from mount olympus she strikes terror on pedestrians by disfiguring squirrels an leaving them on sidewalks

Rob Murrell

the guy from the Esurance commercials

Rob Murrell

Ben Kellner's girlfriend

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