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Metallic BondIt is the attraction of a metallic cation for a sea of delocalized electrons.MineralA naturally occurring solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical compositionSilicon-oxygen TetrahedronA structure composed of four oxygen atoms surrounding a central silicon atom.SilicateMineral GroupsStreakColour of a mineral as a fine powder, found by rubbing it onto an unglazed white ceramic tile.Lusterdescribes how light reflects from minerals surfaceCrystal formsize and shape assumed by the crystal faceHardnessA measure of how difficult it is to scratch the surface of a solid material. The hardness rating of a mineral is determined by comparison with ten standard minerals. Diamond has a hardness rating of 10 and can scratch other minerals with a lower hardness rating.Moh's ScaleConsists of 10 index minerals arranged from 10 (hardest) to 1 (softest).Cleavagetendency to break along definite smooth planesFractureway in which a mineral breaksDensityA measure of the amount of mass in a given volume (D=M/V), measured in g/cm³ or g/ml.

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