Chapter 3: Rocks

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Extrusive Igneous Rockformed when lava hardensTexturemeans of classifying igneous rocksGranitic Compostionrocks are made mostly of light-colored quartz and feldsparBasaltic Compositionrocks are made mostly of dark-colored silicate minerals and plagioclase feldsparAndesitic Compositionrocks are between granitic light-color minerals and basaltic dark-colored mineralsErosioninvolves the weathering and the removal of rockDepositionoccurs when an agent of erosion loses energy and drops sedimentsCompactionthe process that squeezes, or compacts, sedimentsCementationtakes place when dissolved minerals are deposited in the tiny spaces among the sedimentsClastic Sedimentary Rockcomposed of weathered bits of rocks and mineralsChemical Sedimentary Rockform when dissolved substances precipitate, or separate, from waterBiochemical Sedimentary Rockrocks made of sediments derived from biological processesMetamorphismto change formContact Metamorphismoccurs when magma moves into rockRegional Metamorphismresults in large-scale deformation and high-grade metamorphismHydrothermal Solutionpromote recrystallization by dissolving original minerals and then depositing new onesFoliated Metamorphic Rockhas a banded or layered appearanceNonfoliated Metamorphic Rockdoes not have a banded texture

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