Unit 7 Review Geotime

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radiometric datingthe procedure of calculating the absolute ages of rocks and minerals that contain radioactive isotopesradiocarbon datingmethod for determining agen(up to 75,000 years) by comparing the amount of carbon-14 to the amount of carbon-12 in a samplegeologic time scalethe division of Earth history into blocks of time - eons, eras, periods, and epochs; The time scale was created using relative dating principles.eonthe largest ime unit on the geologic time scale, next in order of magnitude above eraPrecambrian timethe long time span from Earth's formation tothe beginning of the Cambrian period; made up of the Hadean, Archaean, and Proterozoic eons.eraa major division on the geologic time scale: Ears are divided into shorter units called periods.perioda basic unit of geologic time scale that is a subdivision of an era: Periods may be divided into smaller units called epochs.epocha unit of geologic time scale that is a subdivision of a periodWhat is important to form a fossil?Rapid burial and hard parts.PhaneroziocVisible lifePaleozoicAncient life540 million years agoWhen did abundant fossil evidence appear in the geologic record?What follows the Precambrian era?PaleozoicIn the early Paleozoic, life was found where?SeasIn what era did Pangea start to break apart?MesoziocDimosaurs where around in what era?MesozoicDevonianage of fishes and ferns 400 million years ago

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