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About 15,000 years ago B.P., which land bridge was used by migrants to cross between Siberia and Alaska?
A. Straits of Asia
B. Siberian Strait
C. Alaskan Strait
D. Bering Strait

D. Bering Strait

The _________ Act allowed the housing of British troops in uninhabited private homes, outlying buildings, and barns
A. Stamp
B. Sugar
C. Quartering
D. Townshend

C. Quartering

Although the Aztec eventually drove Cortes and his conquistadors out of their capital city of Tenochtitlan, it eventually fell to siege primarily because of the
A. military technology of the Spanish
B. bloody religious system of the Aztecs
C. rigid political centralization of the Aztecs
D. infectious deseases brought by the Spanish

D. infectious deseases brought by the Spanish

By the mid-1700s, slaves in the seaport cities
A. were more likely to be recent arrivals from Africa
B. were practically nonexistent
C. frequently fought for their freedom
D. often gained their freedom

A. were more likely to be recent arrivals from Africa

The English mainland colonies of North America received most of their slaves directly from
A. the West Indies
B. Brazil
C. Portugal
D. Africa

D. Africa

How did New Netherlands become New York
A. The Dutch sold it to the English
B. The English in adjacent areas gradually absorbed the isolated Dutch settlements
C. The Dutch virtually abandoned it when it was taken by an English invading fleet
D. The Dutch abandoned it; the English then colonized it

C. The Dutch virtually abandoned it when it was taken by an English invading fleet

In an effort to ensure that his American colonies contributed to England's prosperity, King Charles II initiated a series of regulations known as the
A. tariff and tax laws
B. neutrality acts
C. mercantile regulations
D. navigation acts

D. navigation acts

In resisting the Stamp Act, Americans affirmed all of the following EXCPET their
A. general mistrust of power
B. belief in virtual representation
C. particular right to trial by jury
D. belief of taxation only by their elected representatives

B. belief in virtual representation

In the early decades of New England settlement, new colonies in adjacent ares were often founded because of
A. religious differences
B. overcrowding in the older towns
C. the opportunities of the fertile frontier lands
D. imperial ambitions

A. religious differences

Most modern archeologists would agree that the earliest inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere came from which of the following areas of the world?
A. Europe
B. Asia
C. South America
D. the Arctic

B. Asia

Of the following, which is the most likely reason that Maryland granted religious toleration?
A. its puritan founders wished to break the power of the Anglican state church
B. its merchant founders need a gimmick to lure settlers away from Virginia
C. its idealistic founders sought a virtuous and egalitarian utopia for the poor of all faiths
D. its catholic founders wished to provide a haven for catholics

D. its catholic founders wished to provide a haven for catholics

The puritan belief that God was in control of history fueled a zeal to improve society. This belief is known as
A. the calling to conversion
B. the protestant reformation
C. predestination
D. divine sovereign grace

C. predestination

The Seven Years' War pitted Britain against France in a struggle to control what region of North America?
A. Ohio country
B. northwest territoires
C. lower canada
D. Louisiana

A. Ohio country

The Tea Act of 1773
A. gave the east india company a monopoly on the American tea trade
B. raised the price of tea that American imported from Britain
C. prohibited the consumption of tea in Massachusetts
D. cracked down on illegal smuggling of tea in the colonies

A. gave the east india company a monopol on the American tea trade

Which group was the first to build cities in the "new world"?
A. Aztecs
B. Toltecs
C. Mayas
D. Olmecs

D. Olmecs

Which of the following does NOT account for the desperate circumstances early in the Jamestown settlement?
A. the colonists' willingness to cooperate
B. the location of the Jamestown fortifications
C. the crops the colonists chose to raise
D. the agrarian skills of the colonists

A. the colonists' willingness to cooperate

Who organized a combined uprising of the western tribes in the aftermath of the French defeat?
A. French fur traders who remained in the area
B. The Iroquois
C. Cadillac
D. Pontiac

C. Cadillac

Whose defeat at the makeshift defensive structure know as Fort Necessity began the Seven Years' War?
A. the Iroquois
B. George Greenville
C. George Washington
D. James Wolfe

C. George Washington

William Penn and the Quakers differed from the Puritans and New England in their belief that
A. a model society could be created in america
B. the government should promote morality by passing laws
C. the government should be based on equality and consent
D. the state should guarantee all inhabitants freedom of worship

D. the state should guarantee all inhabitants freedom of worship

William Pitt was
A. the organizer of British victory in the 7 Years' war
B. relatively sympathetic to American protests during the years after the 7 years' war
C. A and B
D. none of the above

C. A and B

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