Theology Chapter 2.2

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after Galerius' death, broke territory into 4 different territories among 4 different emporeres. Constantine has surprise attack on Maxentius. Maxentius should have won because his army was bigger, better, and had more weapons. Constantine has a vision or dream about the Chi Rho and has everyone put it on their sheild. Chi Rho is the first two letters of the Greek word Christos. Constantine's army won and had less army, so it looks like the Christian God helped them win. Constantine aligns himself with Licenius and joined forced to legalize Christianity; they give back their property and legalized Christianity. Constantine calld the Council of Nicea which was a pope job. Constantine was the first emporer to mix church and state. Popes at this time were weak. They came up with the belief system, the Nicene Creed, which states that God and Jesus are one substance; Constantine did postive things such as: better attitudes towards Christians, more people (high class) are joining because they are becoming more Christians, go in public and spread Christian values, Christain leaders imbedded in public consciousness. Before this was just in the Church and not in public and society can flourish through the Church. However, some negative happened to: people joining for power and prestige (wrong reasons), falling into apostacy (denial of Christ), leads to Church corruption (example-simony which is the buying and selling of Church positions), people buying their forgivenss. in conlcusion, Constantine converted to Christianity on his death bed