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  1. left atrium
  2. pulmonary circuit
  3. tongue
  4. papillae
  5. inferior vena cava
  1. a a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity
  2. b receives blood from lower limbs and abdominal organs and empties into the posterior part of the right atrium of the heart
  3. c carries blood to the lungs for gas exchange and returns it to the heart
  4. d small rough elevations on tongue and roof of mouth; contain taste buds
  5. e the left upper chamber of the heart that receives blood from the pulmonary veins

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  1. the chamber on the left side of the heart that receives arterial blood from the left atrium and pumps it into the aorta
  2. Circuit of blood that carries blood between the heart and the rest of the body.
  3. this surrounds and protects the heart
  4. a flat muscle that seperates the chest from the abdominal cavity
  5. muscular posterior (back) portion of the palate

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  1. ventralA short tube at the end of the large intestine where waste material is compressed into a solid form before being eliminated


  2. small intestinedigestive organ in which most chemical digestion takes place


  3. cardiac sphincterthe valve between the distal end of the esophagus and the stomach


  4. larynxvoice box; passageway for air moving from pharynx to trachea; contains vocal cords


  5. tracheafood is churned by muscles here, chemicles like hydrochloric acid and pepsin added and forms a liquid called chyme