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  1. ventral
  2. mesentary
  3. cardiac sphincter
  4. smooth muscle
  5. diapraghm
  1. a nearest to or facing toward the axis of an organ or organism
  2. b a muscle that contracts involuntary and is found in walls of internal organs such as stomach and intestine and bladder and blood vessels (excluding the heart)
  3. c supportive membrane surrounding internal organs and attaching to the body wall
  4. d a flat muscle that seperates the chest from the abdominal cavity
  5. e the valve between the distal end of the esophagus and the stomach

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  1. Vouluntary, striated muscle that moves bones, works in pairs and is attatched to bones by tendons
  2. the chamber on the right side of the heart that receives venous blood from the right atrium and pumps it into the pulmonary trunk
  3. small rough elevations on tongue and roof of mouth; contain taste buds
  4. the chamber on the left side of the heart that receives arterial blood from the left atrium and pumps it into the aorta
  5. receives blood from the head and arms and chest and empties into the right atrium of the heart

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  1. tongueopening through which wastes leave the digestive tract


  2. umbilical arterycirculatory; carries waste and deoxygenated blood from the fetus to the mother


  3. umbilical veinA vein in the umbilical cord; brings nutrient blood from the mother to the fetus.


  4. gall bladderstores bile produced by the liver until it is needed in the duodenum


  5. tracheamembranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx to the bronchi