Chapter22:Origin of Modern Astronomy

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Perihelionorbital point nearest the sunAphelionpoint in a planet's orbit that is farthest from the sunPerigeepoint in an orbit when the moon is closest to the earthApogeepoint in an orbit when the moon is farthest away to the earth.Phases of the Moonthe progression of changes in the moon's appearance during the monthSolar EclipseOccurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth and casts a shadow over part of EarthLunar Eclipsethe blocking of sunlight to the moon that occurs when Earth is directly between the sun and the moonCraterA bowl-shaped area that forms around a volcano's central openingRayA star shaped pattern caused by an impact of an meteor hitting the moon.Marea dark, smooth plain on the surface of the moonRillea long, narrow valley on the surface of the moonLunar Regolitha thin, gray layer on the surface of the moon, consisting of loosely compacted, fragmented material believed to have been formed by repeated impacts of meteorites