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Terrestrial Planet
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Reflecting TelescopeA telescope that uses a curved mirror to collect and focus lightPhotospherethe visible surface of the sunChromosphereA gaseous layer of the sun's atmosphere (extending from the photosphere to the corona) that is visible during a total eclipse of the sunCoronaThe outer layer of the sun's atmosphere.SunspotA dark area of gas on the sun's surface that is cooler than surrounding gases.Nuclear Fusion2 isotopes of light elements (H) forced together at high temperatures till they fuse to form a heavier nucleus. Happens in the Sun, very difficult to accomplish on Earth, prohibitively expensive.Galaxylarge isolated system of stars, such as the Milky Way; collection of brilliant personalitiesProtostarhot, condensed object at the center of a nebula that will become a new star when nuclear fusion reactions beginBinary Starone of two stars revolving around a common center of mass under their mutual gravitational attractionBlack HoleAn object in space whose gravity is so strong not even light can escape.PulsarA rapidly spinning neutron star that produces radio wavesHubble's LawGalaxies appear to be moving away from us at speeds as proportional to their distanceBig Bang TheoryThe Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution. It states that the universe was in a very high density state and then expanded.

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