Lesson 3: People of the Great Lakes, Northeast, and Southeast

What was the nickname given to General and later U.S. President Andrew Jackson by the tribal nations?
Sharp Knife
What three main tribes make up the Anishinaabek?
Ojibway, Potawatomi, and Ottawa
What topography and climate make up the Southeast region?
Temperate forests Subtropical beaches
Fertile farming areas (All are correct)
The Iroquois Nations were strong enough to do what?
Prevent the French from expanding into their territory
Which statement best describes the transportation style of the Seminole?
Dugout canoes
How were the Iroquois and Anishinaabek different?
The Iroquois lived in longhouses and the Anishinaabek lived in wiigwaams
The Iroquois were comprised of five nations until what tribe joined the alliance?
Which General and then U.S. President stormed through the Southeast and drove out the Seminole?
Andrew Jackson
Who was the most important member of the Anishinaabek community?
No one, everyone was equally important
What is, traditionally, the collective name of the Iroquois Nation?
The Iroquois Nation
The winter wigwam was different than the summer wigwam by:
The base was made of cedar bark
The Northeast Coast comprises a number of areas. Which one is not included?
Georgian Bay
Which General and then US President stormed through Florida?
Andrew Jackson
Why was birch bark used for so many items?
It was flexible, sturdy, and lightweight
What style of houses did the Seminole live in?
The Potawatomi were responsible for:
Guarding the spiritual fires
What was the end result of the three wars against the Seminole?
U.S. troops moved some Seminole to reservations in Oklahoma, others ended up in reservations in Florida.
During the Revolutionary War, something major happened to affect the Six Nations alliance. What was it?
The Oneida and Tuscarora sided with the Americans against the other tribes
Which European Nation had the most impact on the Southwest?
Spain until the 1800s
Who did the Seminole accept into their families?
Runaway black slaves
What items was birchbark used to create?
Wiigwaams Canoes
Containers (All are correct)
What similarities did the Iroquois share with the Anishinaabek?
They both used birchbark canoes.
Who was the Seminole leader who played an important role in this struggle?
What is a sachem?
A leader
What nation was the Seminole tribe once a part of?
Creek Nation
Clans were an important part of the family units of the Anishinaabek. Who determined a person's clan?
A person was born into the father's clan
The Ojibway were responsible for:
Maintaining the belief system
Each tribe of the Anishinaabek had a responsibility for maintaining the survival of their people. The Ottawa were responsible for:
Maintaining alliances with neighboring tribes
A variety of foods were available to the Anishinaabek. Which of the following were staples of their diet?
Corn, beans, squash
Who attended the Grand Council of the Iroquois?
All important members of the tribe The tribal representatives of the Six Nations
The war and peace leaders (All are correct)
Each year, the Iroquois would hold a Grand Council. Who hosted this event?
Which war split the Iroquois nation into factions?
The Revolutionary War.
Which prominent American figure did a Seneca leader refer to as the "town destroyer"?
President George Washington.
The most common Anishinaabek dwelling was the ______.
The three main crops of the Great Lakes region were known as the Three Sisters, and included ______, ______, and ______.
Corn, beans, and squash.
The celebratory gatherings of the Anishinaabek are known as ______.
Name one material that was used to make tools in the Great Lakes region.
Animal bones
The Anishinaabek lived in family units called ______.
Name one of the many games that entertained the Anishaabek.
In which region does the Iroquois Nation live?
Northeast coast region
The Iroquois refer to themselves as the "people of the ______".
"people of the longhouse"