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Communal meal, nourishing/strength, thanksgiving, sacrifice

Related to God's Life

Celebration of God's Life, celebreate and continue Paschal Mystery, we are called to "become what we recieve"


time to rememebr love shared and life poured out, ritual meal -> transforming meaning, sacrifice (Jesus), real presence (Body and Blood NOT a symbol), challenge to be Body of Christ in the world

Historical Turning Pts.

Jewish Roots, From Supper to Sacrifice, From Particpants to Silent Spectators, Vatican II: Return to participation and table companionship

Bible Passages

The Last Supper, Multiplication of bread and fish, Roas to Emmaus

Key Homily Pts.



color, procession,

Essential Rite

Whaet bread and grape wine on which blessing of H.S. is evoked, Priest pronounces words of consecration (Words of Jesus at Last Supper)

Effects/Graces (Know 3)

Increases union w/ God, Forgives venial sins, preserves us from committing graver sins, strengthens identification w/ Christ, long for eternal life, promote solidarity, increase prayers for union of all Christians

Mass refelcts Jewish roots


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