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AP Physics-B Magnetism mrwaynesclass

Basic information and applications of magnetic fields in the AP physics b curriculum.
Formula associated with the open right hand rule
F=Bilsin(theta) & F=qvBsin(theta)
Formula associated with the closed right hand rule
B=uI / [2(pi)R]
Ampere's Rule
B=uI / [2(pi)R]
Formula that determines the magnetic field at some distance from a current.
The path of any object when the force is perpendicular to the motion.
Equal to the radius of a charged particle moving in a magnetic field
Orientation of two magnetic fields that attract each other.
opposite direction
Orientation f two magnetic fields that REPELL each other.
same direction
Equation describing the force per unit length for the attractive or repulsive force between two current carrying wires.
Equation of flux
Equation for the force on charged particle as it moves across a potential difference.
The "E" in "F=qE."
Electric Field
The voltage in terms in electric field and distance between two charged plates.
Work done in moving a charge across an electric potential.
Energy of a moving charge.
Kinetic Energy
Law the predicts a currents direction when the magnetic flux is changed.
Lenz's Law
Law that predicts the voltage generated by a change in flux.
Faraday's Law
Units of emf
Volts (it is a voltage)
A wire is moved perpendicularly across in a B-field. What determines the potential difference between the ends of the wire?
V=blv :V is the potential difference in volts
Rule used to determine the direction of current that creates a magnetic field
Closed right hand rule (Ampere's Rule)
Rule to determine the deflection of a moving charge when it crosses a magnetic field.
Open right hand rule and F=qvBsin(theta)
Rule used the calculate a self generated magnetic field from a moving charge.
closed right hand rule (Ampere's rule)
Two rules used to calculate the force of attraction between two current carrying wires.
closed and open right hand rules ( B=uI/[2(pi)R] and F=BiLsin(theta) )
Dots on the paper mean...
field or current is coming out of the page.
"X's" on the paper means....
field or current is going into the page.