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motivation definition
a need or desire that energizes and directs a behavior towards a goal
parents who wish to strengthen their children's achievement motivation should
encourages children at an early age to handle responsibility without parental help
To measure people's achievement motivation McClelland and Atkinsons pressured
people who are high in achievement motivation prefer ______ tasks; people who are low prefer _______ tasks.
moderately difficult; very easy or very difficult.
In a series of studies, participants were informed that personality test results...as a result, they became____ likely to underperform an aptitude test and ____ likely to become aggressive towards someone who has insulted them.
more; more
Foolish conformity to peer pressure is most likely to be motivated by ______ needs.
A biological component of homosexuality is most clearly indicated by evidence of
sexual interactions between same-sex organisms in several hundred different animal species.
Brain scans of people viewing erotic material reveal more active ______ in men than in women.
Researchers have observed that the incidence of obesity and diabetes among 50,000 nurses was predicted by their:
TV viewing habits.
Researchers use biological, psychological, and social-cultural levels of analysis to understand hunger and motivation. The social-cultural level of analysis is especially likely to emphasize eating disorders are influenced by
mass media standards of appearance.
By dramatically reducing daily caloric intake, Marylin plans...research suggests that after 3 or 4 weeks of sustained dieting, Marylin will
have a lower resting metabolic rate
John has been obese for as long as he can remember. John is likely to have difficulty losing weight while dieting b/c
fat tissue can be maintained by fewer calories than can other body tissues
People's preferences for sweet tastes are ______ and their preferences for excessively salty tastes are _______.
universal; learned
Anorexia patients are most likely to have parents who
are high-achieving and protective
22 Year old Tawana is slightly overweight and loves to eat; fearful of becoming overweight, she takes a laxative. Tawana suffers from
bulimia nervosa
Basal metabolic rate is the body's resting rate of
energy expenditure
Leptin is secreted by
fat cells
the secretion of gherelin ______appetite, and the serotonin of orexin ______ appetite
stimulates; surpresses
According to Maslow, our need for ______ must be met befor we are preoccupied with satisfying our need for _______.
adequate clothing; self-esteem.
The most basic or lowest level of need in Maslow's hierarchy of human motives include the need for _____.
food and water.