Job application vocabulary

25 terms by Mendizza Teacher

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Life skills vocabulary

marital status

Whether you are married, single, divorded, or widowed


This means that your husband or wife has died


a serious crime

area code

The first three numbers in a phone number. For example (323) 993 1700. 323 is the __________

zip code

five numbers in an address that helps mail get delivered. For example, The ________for Hollywood is 90028


People in your family who need you to help them, such as children.


The person or company that you work for is your ______________.


To let someone know something or to give information.


A job title or responsibility, such as manager, clerk, chef, etc...


Happening before


The skills and knowledge you have gotten from your past


male or female


The amount of time you work in a day. For example, you may work the 9 to 5 ________.


Something that is happening now


work that you are supposed to do. Your responsibility.


A person in charge, such as a boss or manager


Means "words per minute." The number of words a person can type in a minute.


People who know you well enough to recommend you for a job

social security number

the number given to you by the government in order to provide you with services, such as unemployment benefits and welfare.

full time

working 32 or more hours in a week

part time

working less than 32 hours in a week


The amount of money a person makes (by hour, week, month, or year)


happening before


the date when something ends.


moving up to a better position in your job.

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