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  1. continuous
  2. boil
  3. bright-line
  4. visible
  5. radio
  1. a a form of light that is used commonly for communication
  2. b the light we can see with our own eyes
  3. c the spectra created when an individual element is burnt
  4. d the spectra created with all wavelengths of visible light
  5. e when a substance rapidly changes from a liquid to a gas

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  1. prefix that means thousand
  2. a pinpoint of matter or energy that generally has volume and mass
  3. a form of light that commonly causes sunburns
  4. prefix that means thousandth
  5. when a substance changes from a liquid to a solid

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  1. centiprefix that means tenth


  2. prefixwhat you add to the beginning of a word that alters the words meaning


  3. wavean alternating flow of matter or energy


  4. infraredform of light that is known as heat and can be seen with special goggles


  5. implodewhen pressures outside are much greater than inside and the pressures outside rush in