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  1. prefix
  2. implode
  3. centi
  4. kilo
  5. deci
  1. a what you add to the beginning of a word that alters the words meaning
  2. b prefix that means thousand
  3. c when pressures outside are much greater than inside and the pressures outside rush in
  4. d prefix that means tenth
  5. e prefix that means hundredth

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  1. the most intense form of light that can be combined together to create matter
  2. the word that means strength and energy level
  3. the effect that causes waves to be compressed or stretched due to motion
  4. the shift in a dark-line spectra that indicates a star is moving toward the Earth
  5. the apparent side to side motion of an object against a two dimensional barrier due to changing perspective

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  1. freezewhen a substance changes from a liquid to a solid


  2. wavean alternating flow of matter or energy


  3. scientific notationthe quality of a telescope that makes images larger


  4. infraredform of light that is known as heat and can be seen with special goggles


  5. continuousthe spectra created with all wavelengths of visible light


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