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  1. speed
  2. dark-line
  3. explode
  4. kilo
  5. scientific notation
  1. a a mathematical short cut that scientists use to write extremely large and extremely small numbers
  2. b distance per time with no regard to direction
  3. c when pressures inside are much greater than outside and the pressures inside rush out
  4. d the spectra created when light passes through a gas
  5. e prefix that means thousand

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  1. the light we can see with our own eyes
  2. prefix that means hundredth
  3. the apparent side to side motion of an object against a two dimensional barrier due to changing perspective
  4. prefix that means billion
  5. a force that comes from a material pushing against another material

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  1. boilthe shift in a dark-line spectra that indicates a star is moving toward the Earth


  2. nanoprefix that means billionth


  3. magnificationthe quality of a telescope that enables it to collect more detail of small objects


  4. velocityprefix that means tenth


  5. ultra violeta form of light that commonly causes sunburns