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  1. bright-line
  2. centi
  3. particle
  4. light
  5. doppler
  1. a this is both a wave and a particle
  2. b a pinpoint of matter or energy that generally has volume and mass
  3. c the spectra created when an individual element is burnt
  4. d the effect that causes waves to be compressed or stretched due to motion
  5. e prefix that means hundredth

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  1. prefix that means thousand
  2. prefix that means millionth
  3. the spectra created with all wavelengths of visible light
  4. a form of light that is used commonly for communication
  5. a force that comes from a material pushing against another material

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  1. intensitydistance per time and becomes negative when direction is reversed


  2. milliprefix that means thousandth


  3. freezewhen a substance changes from a liquid to a solid


  4. dark-linethe apparent side to side motion of an object against a two dimensional barrier due to changing perspective


  5. nanoan alternating flow of matter or energy