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  1. centi
  2. radio
  3. resolution
  4. prefix
  5. giga
  1. a a form of light that is used commonly for communication
  2. b prefix that means hundredth
  3. c prefix that means billion
  4. d the quality of a telescope that enables it to collect more detail of small objects
  5. e what you add to the beginning of a word that alters the words meaning

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  1. the word that means strength and energy level
  2. in science this is a volume that is absent of matter
  3. a form of light that commonly causes sunburns
  4. when a substance changes from a liquid to a solid
  5. the light we can see with our own eyes

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  1. lightthis is both a wave and a particle


  2. kiloprefix that means billionth


  3. magnificationthe quality of a telescope that makes images larger


  4. X-Rayprefix that means million


  5. dark-linethe apparent side to side motion of an object against a two dimensional barrier due to changing perspective