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Reality television (genre)
Very loosely defined

Current incarnation began around 2000

Big Brother, Survivor
Reality TV and genre boudaries
A minimum of scripted dialogue and action

A cast of social actors drawn from the historical world

A style of sound and image drawn from documentary and/or the game show
Reality TV sub genres




Hidden camera



Reality TV modes of representaion
Expository (rhetorical)



Reflexive (mockumentaries)
Expository reality TV
Reality television conceals its use of the expository mode

Many reality tv shows are based on the premise that they accurately and fairly represent what occurred

Goal is to make invisible the post production

Hope to convince us that their narrative of historical world events are accurate and true
Big Brother and the expository mode
Rejects typical reality tv uses of the expository mode

Show + 24-hour surveillance on website

Allows viewers to view unedited footage and compare that to edited programs

First time the public has been about to form a view about how a program is edited

Alters viewing experience
Reality TV and interactive mode
Big Brother, America's Got Talent, American Idol

Encourage interaction between the world of television and the world of the viewer

In typical reality TV/game shows, social actors stand in for viewers as they interact with television world, viewers are limited to a competition by proxy

In these shows, surveys and voting allows for viewers to interact with TV world in a way they couldn't before

Gives a stronger sense of interactivity, community, and agency
Reality TV and reflexivity mode

Pseudo interviews

Reality TV can create celebrities and expose the creation process

Self-awareness of contestants
The Real World
MTV show

Observational mode

This is the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real

Not narrator, few interviews (pseudomonologues), little interaction between videographers and subjects
American Family
Observational mode

Recorded 300 hours of footage to capture a normal, stable American family

Direct interactions between production and family were minimal

Little explicit commentary or interviews with family

Explored the construction of family and how that construction functions through television genres

How is reality articulated in reality TV with existing codes and expectations
Neoliberalism is liberal in the terms of...
Economic freedoms
Social and moral philosophy

Idea that the state should reduce its role in the economy
Neoliberalism is the idea that...
Corporations should be given more freedom

Old school liberalism believed..
Free trade is the best way for a nation's economy to exist
Who challenged liberalism?

What did he claim?
John Maynard Keynes

The state should advance the common good
Birth of neoliberalism
Liberalism was revived over the 25 years (Reaganomics) to combat shrinking profits rate

Called neoliberalism
Contemporary neoliberalism
Obama stimulus package

Privatization of services

Reducing welfare, but benefits corporations
5 trends of neoliberalism
The rule of the market

Spending cuts on public services

Deregulation (including broadcast industry)

Privitization of state-owned institutions

Eliminating the concept of the public good or community and replacing it with individual responsibility
Neoliberalism encourages the elimination of...
The concept of the public good or community and replacing it with individual responsibility
Those who fail under neoliberal conditions are seen as...
The cause of their own failure
Neoliberalism encourages..
Personal responsibility
Judge Judy is considered a public service because...
It can show societal problems by instilling the right attitudes and choices in individuals
Judy Judy and neoliberalism
Chastises litigants for not governing themselves
Judy Judy offers citizen lesson to those who....

Cast them as....
Reject traditional values or family structure

Inadequate individuals who lack the capability or desire to function as self-reliant responsible citizens
Judge Judy trains viewers to...
Function without state assistance or supervision as self-disciplining, self-sufficient, responsible individuals
Judge Judy constructs templates for citizens that...
Complement the privatization of public life

The collapse of the welfare state

The discourse of individual choice and personal responsibility
Judge Judy fuses an image of _______ with...

A privatized approach to conflict management and an intensified government of the self
Judy Judy and working class
Mock accents

Accuse litigants of abusing the system and lying

Makes people control body functions to her liking (stand up straight)

Live drug test

Duplicates and extends the surveillance of the poor and working class
Judge Judy and women
Accepting welfare is seen as character flaw rather than a reflection of gender or economic inequality

Make smart choices to avoid victimization

Cast as self created victims

Chooses to let abuse or disadvantages happen
On Judge Judy women are held accountable to the same standard as...

Even if...
The white, middle class, male worth ethics

Even if they lack the advantages and resources to perform as traditionally breadwinners
Result of holding women to this standard
Conceals the structural inequalities that lower-income women in particular seem to face