26 terms

Midsummer Night's Dream Act 1 Scene 1

The duke of Athens; a heroic man, noble in appearance, and dignified
A queen of the Amazons; warrior, fierce; a beautiful woman, now engaged to marry Theseus
A young Athenian man who is in love with a girl named Hermia
Another young Athenian man who is also in love with Hermia
A young, pretty Athenian woman who is self-conscious about her short stature; in love with Lysander, although her father wants her to marry Demetrius
A young Athenian who is self-conscious because she is quite tall; in love with Demetrius; a long-time friend of Hermia
Hermia's father; controlling of his daughter
In Greek mythology, who was Theseus?
Athen's great hero. Mythical king. Name means institution. Volunteered in "original hunger games" and kills minotaurs. Conquered Amazon.
Who was Hippolyta?
The Amazonian queen. She falls in love with Theseus and ditches Amazonians.
What might be some of the major concerns of the people in this world?
Impact of war/the constant threat of war. State of Individual. Food security. Role of Gods in religion.
What is the significance of the references to four days?
Four days until the wedding and Hermia has to make her decision.
What has upset Egeus? What does he want Theseus to do?
Hermia wants to marry Lysander instead of Demetrius. Egeus is upset that Hermia is disobeying him. Egeus wants Theseus to enforce Athenian law and if Hermia continues to disobey him to give Egeus the legal justification to kill Hermia.
According to Theseus, what are Hermia's options?
To marry Demetrius, die, or to become a nun [priests of Diana- persian goddess of moon)
What do we learn about Demetrius' past?
He got with Helena.
What do Hermia and Lysander decide to do [regarding Egeus]?
Run away.
What has badly shaken Helena's self
confidence? -Demetrius ignoring her and loving Hermia. [Before Hermia and Helena were said to be of equal beauty]
Why do Hermia and Lysander reveal their plans to Helena?
To make her feel better.
What does Helena reflect on in the soliloquy that closes the scene ?
The nature of love. How random, and nonsensical, and nonlogical it is.
Why does Helena decide to tell Demetrius about the elopement of Hermia and Lysander?
She wants a reason to talk to Demetrius, She hopes Demetrius will like Helena for helping him out, and wouldn't mind something bad happening to Hermia (puts her out of Demetrius' picture)
Theseus: Position/Role
The duke of Athens. Beat Amazons and become engaged to Hippolyta.
Hippolyta: Position/Role
Queen of the Amazons. Engaged to Theseus because he beat her in battle and hurt her.
Egeus: Personality Traits
Controlling of daughter
Hermia: Personality Traits
Young and pretty. Self-consious about her short stature. In love with Lysander. Rebellious against father. Knows love is hard.
Lysander: Personality Traits
In love with Hermia. Stands up for himself/love. Logical/runs away from problems. Caring; shows he cares for Hermia through gifts. Love is never easy.
Demetrius: Personality Traits
In love with Hermia, two-timer, unfaithful man
Helena: Personality Traits
Self-conscious because she is quite tall. In love with Demetrius. Not a loyal friend. Fights dirty/will do anything to get Demetrius. Heart broken. Pretty, but not as pretty as Hermia.