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10.7 Erikson's Stages of Development review

Trust vs. Mistrust
first stage during the first year of life
Autonomy vs. Shame
second stage in which children attempt to be independent and make choices regarding freedom and self restraint.
Initiative vs. guilt
third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities.
industry vs. inferiority
fourth psychosocial crises when children attempt to master many skills developing a sense of themselves as competent or incompetent.
identity vs. role confusion
fifth stage - teenagers work at refining a sense of self by testing roles and integrating them.
intimacy vs. isolation
sixth stage of psychosocial development.
generativity vs. stagnation
seventh stage - middle adult years(40's/50's) - giving something positive to the next generation.
integrity vs. despair
final stage in which those near the end of life look back and evaluate their lives.