Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 9 Synonyms and Antonyms

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heterogeneousS: miscellaneous, mixed, variegated A: uniform, homogeneous, of a piecehordeS: crowd, mass, multitude, host, swarm A: few, handfulimpelS: urge, push, spur, propel, incite A: discourage, check, restrain, curbinscribeS: imprint, enroll, enlist A: erase, rub out, delete, efface, obliterateincredulousS: dubious, mistrustful, doubting A: believing, trustful, gulliblemonologueS: soliloquy, recitation A: dialogue, conversation, colloquyraspingS: scratchy, scraping, abrasive, gravelly A: sonorous, smooth, satiny, silky, mellowprognosisS: prediction, projectionrepugnantS: hateful, odious, revolting, repulsive A: pleasing, attractive, tempting, wholesomescuttleS: abandon, discard, scrap, ditch, dump A: keep afloat, salvage, rescue, preserve