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Global 3/5/13: Safavids


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Believed that the khanates were descendents from Muhammed, more stict
Caliph could be chosen
Shah Abbas
1. Expanded Safavid empire
2. Created capital at Istanbul
-most beautiful
3. Insisted everyone practice Shi'te version of Islam
-no religious diversity
-Most people govern not original shi'tes
Known for carpet weaving, silk weaving
Who was the most famous artist?
-Simple subject
-Soft colors
-Flowing movements
Who founded the Safavid dynasty founded?
Shah Ismail
Religious war
Battle of Caldiran, the ottoman empire, the sunnis beat the Shi'tes
Importance of Shah Avvas
Established a system like the janissary system
Fall of the empire
Followed the Ottomans when killing his best sonds, so his weak grandson took rule. weakened power