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meiosis steps

chromosomes replicate and chromatin condenses
prophase 1
-pairing of homologous chromosomes occurs, each chromosome consists of two chromatids and crossing over occurs
metaphase 1
chromosome centromeres attach to spindle fibers and HC line up at the equator
anaphase 1
HC separate and move to opposite poles of the cell
telophase 1
the spindle fibers break down, chromosomes uncoil and form two nuclei, the cell divides
prophase 2
chromosomes condense, spindles form in the new cells and attach to chromosomes.
metaphase 2
centromeres of chromosomes line up randomly at the equator of each cell.
anaphase 2
centromeres split, sr. chromatids separate and move to opposite poles
telophase 2
four nuclei form around chromosomes, spindles break down, cells divide.
four new cells have formed, each nuleus contains a haploid number of chromosomes.