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Psych 100b Ch. 12

Dr. Harper is studying the effects of HIV awareness campaigns and the reduction of new HIV cases within the Latino population of a major city. He is examining what is working and what is not working to stem the tide of this high-risk area of the city. He is also looking at medication compliance and wellness examinations. What kind of psychologist is he?
The feel-good, do-good phenomenon refers to the impact of
Happiness on helpfulness.
What is the second phase of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) characterized by?
What does the James-Lange theory of emotion suggest is the most important aspect of emotions?
Our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli.
In a senior writing seminar, students were asked to write a brief autobiography. 60 years later, if researcher were to analyze these autobiographies, what would be the most likely outcome in terms of their longevity (i.e., which group is likely to live an average of 7 years longer)?
Those who had expressed happiness, love, and other positive feelings in their autobiographies
Highly emotional people are intense partly because of their interpretations. They may _______ events as being somehow directed at them, and they may _______ their experiences by blowing single incidents out of proportion.
Personalize; generalize.
Compared with monkeys left in stable groups, those they were housed with 3 or 4 new roommates each month were more likely to experience what?
Suppressed production of lymphocytes.
A month ago, Jason lost his job due to circumstances beyond his control and he is very concerned about his financial situation. Since then, he has learned that his wife will not be able to return to Canada because she cannot get her "permanent residency" authorization, and that his comfortable apartment is bring sold, and that he must find another place to live. Given what happens when people feel unable to control their environment, which of the following do you think is likely to be true of Jason?
His immune response is dropping.
According to the Schacter-Singer two-factor theory of emotion, which of the following is the correct sequence of events when a car drives directly toward us and we experience emotion?
See an oncoming car; heart pounds and, at the same time, the arousal is cognitively labeled; experience fear.
Mandisa is under an extreme amount of stress. She is battling with her ex-husband about money and their children. In this time of stress, Mandisa turns to her friends for support and spends as much time with her children as possible. Taylor and colleagues would say that she is responding to stress according to which of the following models?
"Tend or Befriend."
People tend to use emotion-focused, rather than problem-focused, coping strategies in which situation?
When they believe they cannot change a stressful situation.
Your friend's father has just passed away. You don't just say you are sorry for the loss, but rather you tell your friend that you truly feel the pain that she is going through. You really understand her grief and both of you are crying together. This is an example of what?
Which part of the brain results in increased activity when a person is in a positive mood?
Left frontal lobe.
Where are B lymphocytes formed?
Bone marrow.
Aerobic exercise _______ the body's production of serotonin and ______ its production of the endorphins.
Increases; increases.
Americans are more likely than Japanese do what?
Allow their facial expressions to openly display their feelings.
What does the activation of the sympathetic nervous system do to the body?
Decreases salivation and increases blood pressure.
You look down while sitting at the top of the ferris wheel. You immediately feel your heart start to pound. You are confused by the response until you remember your last experience on a ferris wheel. During that experience, the wind started to blow, the seats began to rock, and you thought you were going to die. You realize your heart is pounding because you are afraid. Which of these following theories best explains this sequence of events?
Two-factor theory.
Perceived loss on control is associated with _____ epinephrine levels and ________ lymphocyte levels:
Raised and lowered.
What does activation of the parasympathetic nervous system do?
Increases salvation and decreases blood pressure.