20 terms

Psych 100b Ch. 13

Kanesha meets with a therapist because she wants to do something about the path her life is taking. The doctor tells her to lie down on the couch, relax, and say whatever comes to mind. What is the name of this psychoanalytic method?
Free association.
According to your text, several studies have shown that ____ percent of business managers and more than ____ percent of college professors rated their performance as superior to that of their average peer.
90; 90.
Bonnie is afraid to express anger toward her overbearing and irritating supervisor. Instead, she is critical of her children. A psychoanalyst would suggest that Bonnie's reaction to her children illustrates which defense mechanism?
Starke Hathaway is to _____ measurement as Alfred Binet is to intelligence measurement.
Martin Seligman strapped dogs into a harness and repeatedly shocked them. The dogs could not avoid the shocks. Later, placed in a situation where they could escape the shocks, the dogs cowered as if without hope. What is this passive resignation known as?
Learned helplessness.
When their self-esteem has been threatened, people with an inflated sense of self-esteem may do what?
React violently.
In a psychology class debate on the social-cognitive perspective, you need to take the opposing view and rebut its positive aspects. Which of the following criticisms of the social-cognitive perspective can you cite?
This perspective focuses too much on the situation and fails to appreciate a person's inner traits.
Personality inventories are to ______ as projective tests are to ________.
Objective scoring; subjective scoring.
Card players who attribute their wins to their own skill and their losses to bad luck best illustrate what phenomenon?
The self-serving bias.
Cliff is homeless, hungry and desperate for food and shelter. He will do almost anything to satisfy these needs. According to Maslow's hierarchy, Cliff will ignore his other needs, which include what?
Cliff will ignore ALL other needs until he satisfies his most basic needs.
There is evidence that behavior is the result of the interplay between external and internal influences, and that behavior is the product of biology, social experience, and unconscious thought processes. This evidence suggests that personality should be studied with what kind of approach?
You are an expert witness for the defense, testifying about the results of the MMPI. Opposing counsel asks you if the MMPI is an objective instrument. Which of these responses could you truthfully give?
It's objective, but that doesn't guarantee that it's valid.
The proper order of Freud's psychosexual stages is:
Oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital.
Most of Dakota's friends look at him with respect. He is self-aware, self-accepting and open. He is spontaneous and does not worry about other people's opinions. According to Maslow, what is likely to motivate Dakota?
The need for self-actualization.
Which of the following groups are more likely to suffer from relatively low self-esteem?
None of these groups are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem.
Jaibeeb was given this projective test as part of the court-ordered examination as he had been the victim of child sexual abuse. The test involves him expressing his inner feelings and interest through stories made up about pictures.
Kayden had to take a inkblot test for his new job. He is worried because he has heard that this test is not very good. Critics would agree and suggest that which of these is true of the test?
It is not very reliable and limited validity.
Which is true of the humanist perspective on personality?
It emphasizes the growth potential of "healthy" individuals.
The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is an:
Objective test.
Although Alex is frequently caught stealing money and other valuables from friends as well as strangers, he does not feel guilty or remorseful about his actions. Alex more clearly demonstrates a:
Weak superego.