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IB Business 4.5 Promotion


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Above the line (ATL) promotion
It is any form of paid-for promotion through the mass media (such as television and radio) for each a wide audience.
It is a method of informative and/or persuasive promotion that is usually paid for. The aim of commercial advertising is to raise the level of demand for a firm's products.
Advertising clutter
It refers to the huge volume of advertisements that the public is bombarded with.
Below the line (BTL) promotion
It does not use paid-for mass media sources, e.g. free sample (toiletries, food, drink, etc), discount vouchers (to entice customers to buy the product) and added-value promotions (e.g. special introductory deals)
Direct marketing
It refers to promotional activities that aim to sell a product straight to a customer rather than by using an intermediary
Guerrilla marketing
It is a promotional strategy that aims to ambush or catch the attention of customers through unusual, innovative, unconventional and/or shocking techniques, on a relatively low budget.
They are a form of product differentiation that use a visual symbol to represent a business, its brands or its products, e.g. Nike's Swoosh, Rolex's golden crown, or the globe of Wikipedia.
It is a component of the marketing mix. It refers to the methods used to inform, persuade and/or remind people about a firm's products or brands.
Promotional mix
It refers to the combination of individual ATL and BTL promotional methods used by a business, such as advertising, direct marketing, packaging and sales promotion.
Public relations (PR)
It refers to business activities aimed at establishing and protecting the desired image of an organisation. PR is concerned with getting good media coverage, usually without directly paying for it.
It is the process of promoting a business and its products by getting positive media exposure without directly paying for it.
Sales promotions
They are short-term incentives designed to stimulate demand for a product, e.g. discount coupons, prize draws, price cuts, and trade fairs.
Social media
It refers to the marketing practice of gaining internet traffic through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google
Social networking
It refers to any platform used mainly by individuals to build social relationships between people, often because they are friends or share things in common. Social network services include Google+, Instagram, and Facebook.
They are catchphrases designed to represent the essence of a business or its products using a memorable set of words.
It is a promotional technique that involves funding, supporting, or donating resources for an event or business venture in return for prominent proclivity.
Viral marketing
It is a promotional strategy that combines online technologies with word of mouth (WOM) techniques. It is usually done through the internet via emails and social networks.
Word of mouth (WOM)
It is the spreading of marketing message about a firm and the quality of its products of its customer service. It is perhaps the most cost-effective form of promotion.