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Agents (brokers)
They are negotiators who help to sell a vendor's products, such as real estate agents selling residential and commercial property for their clients.
Channels of distribution
They are the ways that a product gets from the manufacturer to the consumer. Examples include wholesalers, agents, retailers, e-commerce and vending machines.
Direct mail
It refers to promotional material sent directly to people's homes or places of work, often with personal details gathered from a database containing information about known customers.
Direct marketing
It refers to any promotional activity that involves marking direct contact with customers, e.g. personal selling and direct mail.
Distribution (place)
It refers to the process of getting the right products to the right customers at the right time and place in the most cost-effective way.
They are independent businesses that act as intermediaries by specialising in the trade of products made by certain manufacturers.
They are agents or other businesses that act as a middle person in the chain of distribution
It is the process of using intermediaries in the chain of distribution between the manufacturers and consumers of a product
They are the sellers of products to the general public (i.e. consumers) that operate in outlets (or "shops" in everyday language)
Speciality channel of distribution
It is any indirect way to distribute products that does not involve retailers, i.e. distribution without the use of intermediaries such as e-commerce, vending machines and mail order.
It refers to the use of telephone systems (audio and text messaging) to sell products directly to potential customers
They are businesses that purchase large quantities of products from a manufacturer and then separate or "break" the bulk-purchases into smaller units for resale, mainly to retailers.