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place where George Washington grew up


state where George Washington lived


George Washington's job

French and Indian War

first war we studied: British and colonists v. France for more land


the Native Americans who helped the British win the in the French and Indian War

more land

what the British earned after the French and Indian War

colonists upset

1) could not choose which taxes to pay 2) unfair searches

Shot Heard Round the World

the first bullet fired that started the American Revolution

American Revolution

British government vs. British colonists

21 steps

from the 21 gun salute


soldier or guard

quote at the Tomb of the Unknowns

Here rests in honored glory a soldier known but to God.

wars at the Tombs of the Unknown

WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam

bodies at the Tomb of the Unknown

WWI, WWII, Korean

number of bodies at ANC

160,000 (6 pages)

Arlington National Cemetery

cemetery for soldiers and family members


funerals per day at ANC

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