52 terms

Collocations with go, take, get and do

Speakout Intermediate SB p13 and p148, Unit 1.2
go on a diet
Start eating less and eating more healthily so that you lose weight (start something)
e.g. "I'm so fat! I need to ____ ____ __ ______."
go home
return to your house (move to a place)
e.g. I normally _____ _________ at five o'clock.
go off something
stop liking something you liked before
e.g. I used to like chocolate but I've ___ne _____ it now.
go for a walk
e.g. I really enjoy ______ing _____ _ _______ when it's sunny.
go for a meal
go to a restaurant to eat a meal
e.g. When I was little, we used to _____ ______ __ ______ for my mum's birthday every year.
go for a drink
go to a pub or bar to have a drink
e.g. In the UK, people normally ___ ______ _ _______ after work on a Friday.
go for a pizza
go to a restaurant to eat pizza
e.g. When I can't be bothered to cook, I normally ____ _____ _ _________.
go for a coffee
go to a coffee shop for a drink
(NOTE: we can't say 'go for a tea')
e.g. Do you want to _____ _____ _ ________ after class?
go grey
for your hair to change from coloured to grey/white
(become - with this meaning, it is usually used with colours or 'better/worse')
e.g. Most people ____ _______ as they get older.
take responsibility for
having a duty to deal with something
e.g. People should ____ _____________ _____ their actions instead of making excuses.
She had to _______ _______________ ______ her little sister after her mum got ill.
take after someone
to look or behave like an older member of your family, especially your mother or father
e.g. Your daughter doesn't _____ _________ you at all.
take part in something
be involved in something / participate in something
e.g. How many countries _______ _______ ____ the last Olympic Games?
take a taxi
use a taxi to go somewhere
e.g. We recommend you ________ ___ ________ from the airport to your hotel.
get married
begin a legal relationship with someone as their husband or wife
e.g. Jane is ______ting ___________ on April 5th.
get a job
find a job
e.g. It took me a long time to ______ __ _______ after university because of the poor economy.
get a degree
obtain a degree / finish university with a qualification
e.g. In the UK, it normally takes three years to _____ _ _________.
get on with someone
to have a friendly relationship with somebody
e.g I _______ _____ really well _____ my family.
get here
arrive here
e.g. What time will you ______ ________?
do exercise
do physical activity to make your body strong and healthy
e.g. Most people don't _____ enough ___________.
do research
perform a careful study of a subject, especially in order to discover new facts or information about it
e.g. There are a lot of organisations ____ing ___________ to try to find a cure for cancer.
do housework
do the work involved in taking care of a home and family, for example cleaning and cooking
e.g. Women still ____ more ______________ than men.
do someone a favour
do something to help someone
e.g. Will you ______ me ___ __________? I need some help with my homework.
do as a hobby
do something for pleasure when you are not working
e.g. Can you tell me something you _____ ____ _ ________?
do well
do something in a good, right or acceptable way
e.g. You're _____ing really ______ in class - now you just need to do more at home!
do your best
to be as good as you possibly can be / to make as much effort as you possibly can
e.g. ____ _____ _____ to speak English outside class, even though it can be difficult sometimes.
do the washing up
to clean all of your plates, dishes and more after you have eaten
e.g. If you cook, I'll ___ ____ ________ ____.
do the cleaning
clean your house
e.g. I hate ___ing ____ _______ - it's so boring!
do you good
have a useful effect
e.g. If you're feeling ill, eating hot soup can really ___ ___ ______.
You've been studying all day. Go and relax! It will ___ ____ ______.
do nothing for sb
have a negative effect on
e.g. A black eye and a bloody nose would ___ _______ ___ my publicity photos.
get a good salary
earn a good amount of money - get a good amount of money in your job
e.g. If you're an English teacher, you can _____ _ _____ ________ in China because everyone wants to learn English there.
get a prize
get an award for winning a competition or a race
e.g. The winning team will ____ _ _______.
get fired
be forced to leave your job, especially if you have done something bad
e.g. If you break the law, you will ____ _______, because you won't be allowed to work here any more.
get flu
get an infectious disease like a very bad cold, that causes fever, pains and weakness
e.g. In the winter, a lot of people ____ _____ and have to stay at home in bed.
get a cold
get a common illness that affects the nose and/or throat, making you cough, sneeze, etc
e.g. A lot of students _____ _ ______ when they first come to England.
get food poisoning
become ill because of some bad food that you ate
e.g. I _____ _____ ___________ after I ate that fish at the restaurant on Wednesday.
get depressed
become very sad and without hope
e.g. When I came to England, I ______ quite __________ because I missed my family, but now I feel better because I have made lots of friends.
get excited
feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm
e.g. English children always _____ very ________ on Christmas Day because they want to open all of their presents.
take medicine
to make medicine go down your throat into your stomach
e.g. When people get older, they usually have to _____ more ________.
take sugar
have sugar in your tea or coffee
e.g. How many ________s do you _______?
take ten minutes
use time
e.g. It ________s three ___________s to walk from school to the Monument in Newcastle.
take ages
use a lot of time
e.g. It'll probably _____ _______ to find a parking space.
take photos
produce a photo
e.g. I love _____ing _______ when I'm on holiday.
take a look
look at with attention
e.g. Can you ______ _ _______ at my essay before I hand it in to the teacher?
take the blame
accept the responsibility for doing something badly or wrongly
e.g. After the fire, nobody knew who should _______ ____ _______.
go blind
to lose the ability to see
e.g. Some diseases can make you ____ ________.
go crazy
become very angry about something
e.g. My parents will _____ ______ if they find out.
go well
happen in a good way
e.g. The interview will _____ really ____ and you will definitely get the job.
go badly
happen in a bad way
e.g. That test ____ really _______ - I'm sure I've failed.
go by bus
travel somewhere by bus
e.g. We'll ____ _____ ______ - it's much cheaoer than driving.
go on holiday
go to a different place for a holiday
e.g. I'm _____ing to Germany ____ _________.
go with
to combine well with something (like 'go together')
e.g. Does this jacket ____ ________ this skirt?
go together
combine well with something (like 'go with')
e.g. They ____ __________ perfectly.