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  1. Hertz
  2. amplitude
  3. ionic bond
  4. hypothesis
  5. asexual reproduction
  1. a the maximum distance the particles of a medium move away from their rest positions as a wave passes through the medium
  2. b a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains to electron to form a negative ion
  3. c the unit of frequency
  4. d a reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that are identical to the parent
  5. e a testable explanation about an observation

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  1. Occurs when a warmer object gives some or all of its energy to a cooler object
  2. variable manipulated by the researcher
  3. measurable observations
  4. change of speed over time
  5. basic unit of matter

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  1. diploidan organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes


  2. electronthe bouncing back of a wave


  3. electromagnetic energyenergy that can travel through a vacuum


  4. gravitythe force of attraction between all masses in the universe


  5. balanced forcesforces that act in different objects in pairs