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Second half of vocabulary p. 149 in Expresate 1

el auditorio

the auditorium

la biblioteca

the library

la cafetería

the cafeteria

la clase de baile

the dance class

el concierto

the concert

el estadio

the stadium

esta semana

this week

este fin de semana

this weekend


to make, to do


there is, there are, is there?, are there?



el partido de...

the ... game

pasado mañana

the day after tomorrow


to put

la próxima semana

next week


to know (information)

saber de

to know about


to go out

salir de

to leave

el salón de clase

the classroom


to bring


to see, to watch

el viernes próximo

next Friday

No sé

I don't know




aren't you?

¿Sabes qué?

You know what?

No tengo ganas.

I don't feel like it.

¡Claro que sí!

Of course!

Tengo mucha hambre.

I'm very hungry.

Tengo que irme.

I have to go.

Tengo que estudiar.

I have to study.

¿Qué tal si vamos a....?

How about we go to...?

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