IB Business 4.8


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B2B (Business to business)
It refers to e-commerce conducted directly for business customers rather than the end user (consumer)
B2C (business to consumer)
It fees to e-commerce business conducted directly for the end-user (the consumer)
C2C (consumer to consumer)
It is an e-commerce platform, such as eBay, that enables customers to trade with each other
E-commerce (electronic commerce)
It is the trading of goods and services via the internet, electronic systems and computer networks.
They are businesses that operate predominantly online, such as Alibaba.com, eBay, Facebook, and Google. They are different from retailers that operate physical stores and outlets.
Price transparency
It refers to the openness in communication about prices being charged by businesses. E-commerce allows customers to access price comparisons quite easily
It refers to unsolicited and superfluous marketing messages via email or pop-up advertisements. The common purpose of 'spamming' is to advertise a firm's products, such as financial service and computer software.