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identify parts of a business letter
-date line
-inside address
-complimentary closure
-keyboard signature
-reference initials
-special notation
describe how is a business letter should be formatted
-punctuation styles
-open punctuation
-standard punctuation
what are the 6 parts and purpose for each part of a cover letter
-to entice an employer to read your resume
-to include important information in a cover letter for which there is no room in the resume
-to demonstrate that your qualifications fit the requirements of the position
-to communicate your value to the employer
-to personalize your resume
-to demonstrate your writing abilites
what are some examples of how to respond to different incoming calls in a dental office
-The Call : " I would like to make an appointment with the dentist to have my teeth clean."
The response: " When was the last time you were seen by Dr.Lake?"
-The Call : "An unidentified person calls and states, "I would like to speak to the dentist. "
The response: "Dr. Lake is with a patient. How my I help you?"
What is the purpose of recall or recare system
-helps maintain good oral health for a lifetime: includes a thorough examination of all of the teeth and soft tissues as well as the scaling and polishing procedures
what are 3 things does success if a recall system depend on
-dental health
-providing consistent follow up
what type of procedures might a patient be recalled for
-examination of oral tissues after surgical procedures
-examination of prosthetic devices
-determination of eruption patterns in children
-follow up on endodontic treatment
-determination of periodontal tissue status
advance appointment system
-recall or re-care appointments are scheduled before the patient leaves the office..
telephone system
-allows for the most immediate response, because the administrative assistant contracts each patient by telephone or schedule a recall or re-care appointment
mail system
-the patient is responsible for making the appointment
advantage of advance appointment system
-most efficient method to schedule recall/re-care appointments
disadvantage of advance appointment systme
-is certain groups of patients. such as professionals with their own schedules may not know their schedule 3, 4, or 6 months in advance
advantage of telephone recall
-it's a good practice builder for new practitioner
disadvantage of telephone recall
-it can be an exhausting and time consuming task in a large, well established practice
advantage of mail system recall
-places responsibility on the patient
-visible reminder
disadvantage of mail system recall
-possible to ignore notice
-cost of postage
-lack of immediate response
expendable supplies
-single use items, such as dental cements stationery, local anesthetics and gypsum products
nonexpendable supplies
-reusable items that do not constitute a major expense, this category generally includes most dental instruments
what are some advantages of full service supplier
what does "rate of use" mean
-buying large quantities of infrequently used items is not cost efficient. However, buying bulk quantities of supplies that are used frequently is economical. For example, buying paper products for the dental treatment room in large quantities is a good idea of storage space is available
reorder point
-when a product needs to be reordered, the tag is removed from the container and placed in a location, where the order can then be created from the various tags.
what factors need to be consider when ordering supplies
-rate of dose
-shelf life
-amount of capital outlay
-length of delivery time
-amount of storage space
-manufacturers special offers
what factors need to be considered regarding storage of supplies
-certain materials require a cool,dry,or dark location
-they should be stocked behind older supplies so that the older supplies are used first
-be aware of (OSHA) guidelines regarding the use and storage of material in the dental office.
give a examples of dental supplies that have shelf life
-dental cements
-composite rein
-cavity lining
computerized inventory systems
-a formulary can be set up to identify all of the products commonly used in the office
-this is done primarily for the expendable and nonexpendable products.
manual inventory system
-can be done using a spreadsheet
what are two types of records do patients have in a dental office
-clinical and financial records
what is contained in a patients clinical record
-is a collection of all of the information about a patient's dental treatment
what are three categories of employee records
-employments forms
-employment tax information forms
-OHSA records relating to each employee
who owns the records and who owns the information contained in the records
-the dentist
what is needed in order to transfer a patients records
-obtain a signed consent form from the patient or legal guardian or the advice of legal counsel before providing copies of or allowing access to a patient's dental records to anyone other than the patient.
What does UCR stand for and how are they determined
-payments for covered benefits is based on a formula that considers usual (the fee most often charged for a service in a geographic area or in a specialty) and reasonable (the fee that meets the other two criteria or that is adjusted according to the nature or criteria of individual circumstances) fee data.
what do dentists participating i a PPO agree to
-payment is based on a discounted fee schedule. Dentist who sign and agreement with a carrier agree to accept the discounted fees as the full fee for their patients who are enrolled
What is a HMO?
short for health maintenance organization.
a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim.
a payment made by a beneficiary (especially for health services) in addition to that made by an insurer.
out of pocket expense
Your expenses for medical care that aren't reimbursed by insurance. Out-of-pocket costs include deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments for covered services plus all costs for services that aren't covered.
give five examples of insurance fraud
-billing the benefits carrier for higher fees than the patient charged
-billing before the completion of service
-predating or postdating services on claim forms
-improperly reporting treatment (listing a bony extraction instead of a simple extraction
-billing for services not rendered
define CDT codes and know what letter they start with
-Current Dental Terminology (CDT) is a code set with descriptive terms developed and updated by the American Dental Association (ADA) for reporting dental services and procedures to dental benefits plans.
walk out
-similar to a receipt in that it shows the account balance
what is meant by "inform before you perform"?
-is a rule that saves many hours on the telephone attempting to explain a patient's statement
what would a well defined financial policy contain
-conform to community standards
-reflect the attitude of the dentist toward the patients welfare
-represent sounds business concepts
-be presented in written form to the patient
-provide options for the patient
-be adhered to at all times
explain a typical sequence to follow for a delinquent account
-collection letters
-telephone as a collection instrument
-collection agency
identify potential interview questions for a dental assisting position
-how did you learn about this position
-tell me about yourself
-what formal education have you had
state 5 questions or topics that should not be asked in an interview
-never ask for information you could have easily found with a quick google search
-never ask if you can change the job details, the schedule, or the salary
-never ask many questions about the interviewer background
-never ask about things such as pay, time off, benefits (wait until later in the process to inquire about these things)
-never ask about gossip you have heard
describe the purpose of a resume
-is a marketing tool, and the product is you
what factors should be considered in salary negotiations
-you should do a self-evaluation to determine that you are justified to salary negotiations
recognized appropriate features/formatting of an appropriate resume for a dental assistant
-make resume easy to read
-emphasize your qualities and experience
-substantiate your educational and experience qualifications to justify the abilities you claim
-be clear and concise in your descriptions
-be consistent in using the format
how could you respond in a positive manner when not offered the salary you requested
-express your appreciation for the dentist's understanding and consideration, and consider your alternatives
describe appropriate interview attire from women and men for a dental assisting postion
-clean and neat clothing
-appropriate comfortable shoes
-clean appearance
-groomed hair
describe inappropriate interview attire for women and men for dental assisting positon
-no ripped jeans
-no short skirts
-no excessively high heals
-no low cut shirt
-no jeans or sweat pants
-no shorts
-no t-shirts
-no wrinkled shirt or pants