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  1. la cuadra
  2. el rascacielos
  3. el paso de peatones
  4. seguir derecho
  5. ir en el sentido contrario
  1. a the crosswalk/pedestrian crossing
  2. b to go in the opposite direction
  3. c the skyscraper
  4. d the block (distance between two streets)
  5. e to continue straight ahead

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  1. the fountain
  2. the traffic circle (Sp)
  3. the block (space enclosed by streets)
  4. to turn
  5. the sidewalk

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  1. la rotondathe traffic circle (Am)


  2. la piedrathe sidewalk


  3. de vidriomade of glass


  4. el peatónthe map


  5. la multathe fountain