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6th Social Studies CRCT Review #1 Europe

Part 1 -- Europe
Why did European countries want to explore other continents?
GOLD, GOD, GLORY; (look for riches/natural resources, spread Christianity, to become famous)
Why was Prince Henry important?
He was the first to sponsor voyages to explore Africa -- he set the Age of Exploration into motion
How did colonization of other continents lead to World War I?
European countries began fighting for control over other lands; militarism (building strong military); nationalism (pride in your country); Scramble for Africa
What was the Russian Revolution?
After WWI Russia was BROKE; Russians were very poor but the Czar was rich; Russians got frustrated with Czar Nicholas and killed him!
What was a RESULT of the Russian Revolution?
The USSR signed a peace treaty with Germany; the USSR had to give land to Germany
What was the Treaty of Versailles?
Agreement to stop fighting WWI; blame Germany!
What was a RESULT of the Treaty of Versailles?
1. Germany lost land and had to rebuild countries they had destroyed during WWI; 2. Germany could not rebuild their military; 3. Germany had to admit they started WWI
What were some of the causes of The Great Depression?
Widespread poverty after WWI; stock market crash in America
What were some of the causes of WWII?
Rise of Hitler and Nazism, the Holocaust (mass killing of Jews), Japan "took" part of China, struggles between dictators
What was the Holocaust?
A planned killing of a race of people; in this case, it was the extermination of Jewish people in Europe; 6 million Jews were killed
What was the Cold War?
The Cold War was a "war of words" between the United States and the USSR (Soviet Union). There was no physical fighting, but threats between the countries
Who were the Superpowers?
The United States and the Soviet Union (U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R); democracy vs. communism
How did the collapse of the Soviet Union lead to the end of the Cold War and German reunification?
The USSR realized communism didn't work (they were BROKE); communism fell all across Europe; West and East Germany reunited!
What are the three main religions found in Europe?
Christianity, Judaism, Islam
What do the three main religions have in common?
1. All have a holy book
2. All began in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Israel)
3. All are monotheistic (believe in only 1 god)
What is the European Union? What is its purpose?
A confederation of European countries united to make trade between the countries easier; they also came up with a common currency (Euro), but not all EU countries use the Euro!
What are some of the environmental concerns in Europe?
Acid rain and air pollution
What is being done about air pollution in Europe?
Using alternative energy besides coal, government sets limits for factory emissions, government limits on auto manufacturing
What happened at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine?
Nuclear weapons reactor exploded; the area was contaminated and will be for at least 200 years; radiation poisoning, land unfit for farming, water unfit for drinking; people have many cancers, thousands have died from the radiation poisoning.
What types of governments will you find in Europe today?
Federal republics; parliamentary (or presidential) democracies; some monarchies (kings/queens)
Why is the United Kingdom a great trading port?
Because of their convenient location around other European countries
Europe's Allied Powers during WWI (the good guys):
Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan
WWII Evil Axis Powers:
Germany, Japan, Italy
When Germany was separated during communism, which side was free and which side was communist?
East Germany was communist until 1989
West Germany was free