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Classicism lasted from ____ to ____


The Classical era is characterized by ____, _______, and _______ ________.

order, objectivity, harmonious proportion

The _____ _______ and ______ ________ profoundly changed political systems and social order.

American Revolution, French Revolution

This person was French, a central figure of Neoclassicism, sympathetic to revolution, voted for execution of Louis XVI, supported Napoleon

Jacques-Louis David

____- George Washington and Joseph Haydn born ____-Jefferson born _____-Mozart born _____- Catherine II crowned Empress of Russia

1732, 1743, 1756, 1762

____- Beethoven born ___-___- American Revolution ____- Schiller: Ode to Joy ____-___ French Revolution, change of political & social order ____- Napoleon crowned Emperor

1770, 1775-83, 1785, 1789-99, 1804

Who was the 3rd president?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson played what instrument?


Jefferson purchased a violin in _____


Jefferson loved _____, _____, and ____ & _____ ______

Corelli, Haydn, French & Italian opera

Enlightenment also means _______

Age of Reason

During the Enlightenment, Western philosophy & cultural life centered upon _____________

18th century in which reason stood as primary source for authority

Ideas during the Enlightenment were developed by philosophers _____ and _____.

Voltaire, Rousseau

_____ was a French philosopher who declared "Man is born free...."


_____ was a writer, philosopher of French Enlightenment, defended civil liberties, freedom of religion, 20,000 + letters, 2,000 + books & pamphlets


Sturm und Drang means______

storm and stress (or urge, longing)

Sturm und Drang was a movement in German literature and music from the ____'s to _____'s

1760, 1780

_________ was the free expression of individual subjectivity, extreme emotions, reaction to confines of the rational, objective, unpersonal representation of reality & ideas of Enlightenment

Sturm und Drang

______ was a German poet, philosopher, historian, playwright


There are more of ______'s poems used in musical settings than ______'s

Goethe, Schiller

___ ___ _____ (____ ___ _____) was published in 1785, and was the poem that Beethoven set to music in Symphony No. 9

An die Freude (Ode to Joy)

Sturm und Drang in music: it was expressive instrumental music, _____ themes, ______ syncopation, agitated, resless

jagged, rhythmic

A new instrumental genre that consists of 4 movements is called _______


The 4 movements of a symphony are ___-___-___-___

Fast, Slow, Minuet, Fast

___-____ form is popular for individual movements


Continuing genres into the Classical time period are ____, _____, _____, and _____

Opera, concerto, sonata, oratorio

The music of the Classical time period consisted of _______ textures, ______ supported with _______

homophonic, melody, harmony

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