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  1. Heart Rate
  2. Posture
  3. Pulling Assessment - LPHC - low back arches
  4. Cient's body fat percentage is measured by:
  5. Davies Test
  1. a Overactive muscles - hip flexors & erector spine
  2. b designed to assess upper extremity agility & stabilization
  3. c taken by the radial pulse (wrist) or carotid pulse (neck) 15 sec. X 4 will give you heart rate bpm
  4. d Skin-fold Caliper Measurements
  5. e Alignment and function of the kinetic chain at any given moment

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  1. Questionaire that is designed to help qualify clients for activity levels and identify those who may need medical attention
  2. 220- persons age
  3. Alignment of the musculoskeletal system that allows a center of gravity to be maintained over a base of support
  4. Ability of the neuromuscular system to monitor and manipulate movement using the least amount of energy, creating the least amount of stress on the kinetic chain
  5. Feedback from the client to the fitness professional regarding personal history - Occupation, Lifestyle, Medical & personal info.

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  1. Overhead Squat - lumbo pelvic complex - low back archesOveractive muscles - hip flexor complex, erector spine


  2. Posture & Movement AssessmentsOverhead Squat Assess., SL Squat Assess, Pushing Assess, Pulling Assess


  3. 4 Skinfold Test SitesBiceps, Triceps, Subscapular & Iliac crest


  4. Cardiorespiratory AssessmentsThree Minute Step Test & Rockport Walk Test


  5. Bench Press Testdesigned to assess upper extremity agility & stabilization


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