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  1. OH Squat - knees - move inward
  2. Zone 1
  3. Diastolic pressure
  4. Pulling Assessment - LPHC - low back arches
  5. Systolic pressure
  1. a Max. HR X .65 or Max. HR X .75 - builds aerobic base and aids in recovery
  2. b Overactive muscles - Adductor complex, biceps femoris(short head) TFL, vastus lateralis
  3. c Overactive muscles - hip flexors & erector spine
  4. d Reflects the pressure produced by the heart as it pumps blood to the body
  5. e Signifies the minimum pressure within the arteries through a full cardiac cycle

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  1. Overactive muscles - Soleus, lat.gastrocnemius, hip flexor complex, abdominal complex
  2. Overactive muscles - Upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, levator scapulae
  3. Provides the fitness professional with a three dimensional representation of the client, which enables proper construction of a training program
  4. Max. HR X .86 or Max. HR X .90 - Builds high-end work capacity
  5. Overactive muscles - hip flexors, erector spine

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  1. Overhead Squat - lumbo pelvic complex - low back archesOveractive muscles - Soleus, lat.gastrocnemius, hip flexor complex, abdominal complex


  2. Functional efficiencyAlignment of the musculoskeletal system that allows a center of gravity to be maintained over a base of support


  3. Squat with Barbell Testdesigned to estimate the one-rep squat max. for training intensity purposes. considered an advanced assess. for strength-specific goals


  4. Postural equilibriumThe ability to efficiently maintain balance


  5. PostureAlignment and function of the kinetic chain at any given moment


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