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  1. Ectoderm
  2. Pedigree
  3. Monohybrid Cross
  4. Insulin
  5. Genetic Code
  1. a protein hormone, produced through recombinant DNA
  2. b experimental mating of individuals differing
  3. c outside (skin and nervous system)
  4. d set of rules that dictates the correspondence between RNA codons in an mRNA molecule and amino acids in protein
  5. e family tree representing occurrence of heritable traits in parents and offsrping

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  1. disk shaped sac in in chloroplast. contain chlorophyll and enzymes of light reactions of photosynthesis
  2. cell present in adult tissues that generates replacements for nondividing differentiated cells
  3. sex-linked disorder involving genes of X-chromosome
  4. fusion of sperm and egg produced by the same organism
  5. virus that infects bacteria. used by Hershey and Chase to show that DNA is genetic material

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  1. Adeninesingle ring nitrogenous base found in DNA and RNA. C plus G


  2. F1 Generationoffspring of two parental individuals


  3. Polynucleotidesorganic monomer consisting of five-carbon sugar covalently bonded to a nitrogenous base. building block of nucleic acids


  4. Nucleotidespolymer made up of many nucleotides covalently bonded together


  5. Exonsthree-nucleotide sequence in mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid signal