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  1. Endoderm
  2. Autotrophs
  3. Achondroplasia
  4. Stomata
  5. Exons
  1. a inside (gut tube)
  2. b organism that makes its own food, often by photosynthesis (plants, algae, etc.)
  3. c pore surrounded by guard cells in epidermis of leaf. when open, CO2 enters a leaf, and water and O2 exit
  4. d form of human dwarfism caused by single dominant allele. exception
  5. e in eukaryotes, coding portion of a gene

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  1. process by which plants use light energy to make sugars from CO2 and water
  2. allele that has noticeable effect on phenotyope of a gene when individual is heterozygous for that gene
  3. genetic disease that occurs in people with two copies of a certain recessive allele
  4. ribonucleic acid that functions as an interpreter in translation
  5. production of ATP by chemiosmosis during light reactions of photosynthesis

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  1. Heterozygousin eukaryotes, noncoding portion of gene that is excised from RNA transcript


  2. Calvin Cyclesecond of two stages of photosynthesis. cyclic series of chemical reactions that occur in stroma of a chloroplast using carbon and ATP and NADPH


  3. Cross-fertilizationfusion of sperm and egg produced by the same organism


  4. Lysogenic Cyclebacteriophage replication cycle in which viral genome is incorporated into bacterial host chromosome as prophage


  5. Proto-oncogenecancer-causing agent, as radiation or chemical


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