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  1. Punnett Square
  2. Endoderm
  3. Messenger RNA (mRNA)
  4. Light Reactions
  5. Nucleotides
  1. a diagram used in the study of inheritance to show the results of random fertilization
  2. b first of two stages in photosynthesis. solar energy is absorbed and converted to chemical energy in form of ATP and NADPH. power Calvin Cycle
  3. c inside (gut tube)
  4. d ribonucleic acid that encodes genetic info from DNA and conveys it to ribosomes, where translation occurs, creating amino acid sequences
  5. e organic monomer consisting of five-carbon sugar covalently bonded to a nitrogenous base. building block of nucleic acids

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  1. offspring of F1 generation
  2. sequence of nucleotides in DNA that marks the end of a gene
  3. single ring nitrogenous base found in DNA. T plus A
  4. DNA molecule carrying genes derived from two or more sources
  5. outside (skin and nervous system)

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  1. Producersspecific nucleotide sequence in DNA located at the start of a gene that is the binding siet for RNA polymerase and where transcription begins


  2. Pleiotropyexpressed traits of an organism


  3. TranscriptionDNA transcribed to RNA in the nucleus. word is a codon, consisting of three letters


  4. Genetic Engineeringremove embryonic stem cells


  5. Homozygoushaving two different alleles for a given gene