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  1. Transcription
  2. Self-fertilize
  3. Greenhouse Effect
  4. Autotrophs
  5. Mesoderm
  1. a organism that makes its own food, often by photosynthesis (plants, algae, etc.)
  2. b warming of atmosphere caused by CO2, CH4 and other gases that absorb infrared radiation and slow it's escape from earth's surface
  3. c DNA transcribed to RNA in the nucleus. word is a codon, consisting of three letters
  4. d middle (muscle, heart)
  5. e fusion of sperm and egg produced by the same organism

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  1. allele that has noticeable effect on phenotyope of a gene when individual is heterozygous for that gene
  2. type of inheritance in which one phenotype is dominant
  3. having two different alleles for a given gene
  4. in eukaryotes, noncoding portion of gene that is excised from RNA transcript
  5. slow rise in earth's surface temperature

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  1. Exonsthree-nucleotide sequence in mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid signal


  2. Endoderminside (gut tube)


  3. DNA Profilinggenetic disease caused by sex-linked recessive allele


  4. Stromafluid in chloroplast surrounding thykaloid membrane. synthesis of molecules from CO2 to water. where sugars are made during Calvin Cycle


  5. Crossmating of two sexually reproducing individuals


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