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  1. P Generation
  2. Wavelength
  3. Nuclear Transplantation
  4. Photosynthesiss
  5. Allele
  1. a distance between crests of adjacent waves
  2. b parent individuals from which offspring are derived in studies in inheritance
  3. c alternative version of a gene
  4. d process by which plants use light energy to make sugars from CO2 and water
  5. e replace nucleus of egg cell with nucleus of adult somatic cell

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  1. type of inheritance in which one phenotype is dominant
  2. on tRNA molecule, specific sequence of three nucleotides that is complementary to a codon triplet on mRNA
  3. sex-linked disorder involving genes of X-chromosome
  4. remove embryonic stem cells
  5. stack of hollow disks of thykaloid membrane in chloroplast

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  1. Carbon Fixationincorporation of carbon from atmospheric CO2 into carbon of organic compounds


  2. Insulinprotein hormone, produced through recombinant DNA


  3. Genetic Codeset of rules that dictates the correspondence between RNA codons in an mRNA molecule and amino acids in protein


  4. Reproductive Cloningorganism that makes organic food molecules from raw materials such as CO2, H2O


  5. Mutationchange in nucleotide sequence of an organism's DNA