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  1. Terminator
  2. Genotype
  3. Thykaloids
  4. Incomplete Dominance
  5. Cross
  1. a genetic makeup of an organism
  2. b mating of two sexually reproducing individuals
  3. c sequence of nucleotides in DNA that marks the end of a gene
  4. d disk shaped sac in in chloroplast. contain chlorophyll and enzymes of light reactions of photosynthesis
  5. e neither phenotype is dominant (red + pink = white)

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  1. allele that has noticeable effect on phenotyope of a gene when individual is heterozygous for that gene
  2. cell specialization in structure and function
  3. single ring nitrogenous base found in DNA. T plus A
  4. removing of introns and joining of exons in eukaryotic DNA, forming mRNA molecul with continuous coding sequence
  5. in mRNA, one of three triplets (UAG, UAA, UGA) that signal gene transcription to stop

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  1. Heterozygoushaving two different alleles for a given gene


  2. Huntington's Diseasegenetic disease caused by dominant allele. exception


  3. Rosalindproduced asexually, genetically identical to parent. used for endangered species


  4. Photosynthesissprocess by which plants use light energy to make sugars from CO2 and water


  5. Promoterspecific nucleotide sequence in DNA located at the start of a gene that is the binding siet for RNA polymerase and where transcription begins