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se le ocurrió la idea

the idea occurred to her

los gritos


se acercó

s/he approached


excuse me

le dio la espalda

s/he turned her back to him/her


to put in, to insert

hacerle daño

to do you (Usted) harm
to do him/her harm


you (usted) heard
s/he heard

tantos / tantas

so many



mirada fría

cold stare

bajó la mirada

s/he lowered his/her gaze


shocked / stunned

un rato

a moment, a while

una manifestación

a protest, a demonstration


to protest

la pancarta

sign, banner

los jóvenes

young people

mujeres mayores

older women

igual que Raúl

just like Raúl

se lo(s) llevan

they take it (them) with them

se quedan con

they keep

me enferma

it makes me sick


to pressure


it denies

se puso a pensar

she started to think

se puso a llorar

she started to cry

He visto suficiente

I've seen enough

afectadísimo/a por

deeply affected, deeply moved by

cambió de idea

s/he changed his/her mind




to rest

les había pasado algo

something had happened to them

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