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Wheelock Chapter 2 Sentences

salvE, O patriA!
be good, o country!
fAma et setentia volat.
fame and feelings fly.
dA veniam puellae, amAbO tE.
give the girl pardon, please.
clEmentia tua multAs vItAs servat.
your mercy saves many lives.
multAm pecUniAm dEportat
he carries away much money
fortUnam et vItam antIquae patriae saepe laudAs sed recUsAs
you often praise but reject fortune and life of ancient countries.
mE vitare turbam iubEs
you order the crowd to avoid me.
mE philosophiae dO.
I give myself to philosophy.
philosophiae est ars vItae
philosophy is the art of life.
sAnam fOrmam vItae cOnservAte
conserve the sound form of life
immodica Ira creat InsAniam
excessive anger creates insanity
quid cOgitAs? - dEbEmus Iram vItAre
what do you think? -we ought to avoid anger.
nUlla avAritia sine poena est.
no greed is without punishment
mE saevis catEnis onerat.
he opresses me with cruel chains.
rotam fortUnae nOn timent
they do not fear the wheel of fate.
the girls save the poet's life.
puellae vItam poetae cOnservant.
without philosophy we often go astray and pay the penalty.
sine philosophia saepe erremus et poenas dAmus.
if your land is strong, nothing terrifies the sailors and you ought to praise your great fortune.
sI patria tua vAlet, nihil nautAs terret y tuam fortUnam magnam debes laudAre.
we often see the penalty of anger.
saepe poenam Irae videmus.
the ancient gate is large
porta antIqua est magna.
Puella mea mE nOn amat!. ValE, puella! Catullus obdUrat: poeta puellam nOn amat, fOrmam puellae nOn laudat, puellae rosAs nOn dat, et puellam nOn bAsiat! Ira mea est magna! ObdUrO, mea puella-sed sine tE nOn valeO.
My girl doesn't love me! be well, girl! Catallus is tough: The poet does not love her, he does not praise her beauty, he does not give her roses, and he does not kiss her! My wrath is large! I am strong, my girl-but without you I am not well.
to be firm, tough
to kiss
sub rosA
aqua vItae
an office or position without responsibility
quid agIs hodiE?
how are you today?
satis bene.
nOn bene
not well
et tU?
and you?